Entertainment Celebrity Are and getting back together?

Are Jerry Yan and Jessica Chang getting back together?

They dated from 2015 to 2017 and have remained good friends




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Taipei — Film star ’s love life is pretty much a mystery. His fans were sad when he broke up with model/actress Lin Chiling, who went on to marry Japanese pop star Akira.

Yan, 43, was in the headlines this week when he was seen spending time with former love interest , 37. They dated from 2015 to 2017. Although things did not work out, they have remained good friends.

Jessica Chang dated Jerry Yan for two years. Picture: Instagram

But is the second time the charm? According to CTWant, both Yan and Chang, a model, have been getting rather cosy lately. Chang specialises in oil painting and, last month, she attended an art exhibition in Taipei. Yan reportedly showed up there and they were later spotted in the same eatery. Paparazzi even caught him escorting her home.

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Most showbiz fans may know BTS, TFBoys or Fahrenheit but the real OG (original group) back in the day was F4, a Taiwanese boy band. The F4 members were known not only in Taiwan but also around the world for their good looks and the drama series Meteor Garden, which was based on a Japanese manga.

Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu became wildly popular in 2001 when they starred in Meteor Garden and the members have since remained A-listers.

Since 2008, the group has been inactive but the four of them have remained good friends. However, all have been so busy with their own lives and careers that reunions have been few and far between.

The last time they appeared together as F4 was at the Jiangsu TV Spring Festival in 2013. On Oct 30 this year, they reunited at the Jiangsu TV 1001 Night Festival.

Fans commented that Yan was the only F4 member who looked exactly the same as he did almost 19 years ago. “He takes such good care of himself that he looks exactly the same, only manlier,” said one.

However, fans were not so forgiving with Chu, 41, and Wu, 42, saying that they both looked like ”absolute uncles” now.

On the other hand, Chou, 39, was dubbed the “guy who looks like he went from being a millionaire to a billionaire”. /TISG

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