Entertainment Arts One month after , and are low-key back...

One month after breakup, Channing Tatum and Jessie J are low-key back together

According to an insider, the couple were seen together dressed down in sweats trying to be low-key in Los Angeles




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It has only been a month but and have reconciled after their split.

The 39-year-old Magic Mike star and 31-year-old Pricetag singer broke up in December because they could not keep up with their long-distance relationship.

Tatum stays in Los Angeles while Jessie J is based in the United Kingdom.

Stylecaster quoted People as saying there was no drama except that Tatum and Jessie J decided to break up but are still friendly towards each other.

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Reports suggests that the Dear John actor signed up for Raya, a celebrity-exclusive app. He was ready to be in a new relationship.

An insider shared with E! News at the time that Tatum was on Raya for a few weeks and that the star would love to meet someone new and is not abashed about it.

However, despite everything, it is believed that Tatum and Jessie J may have reconciled.

Channing Tatum is reportedly still Jessie J. Picture: Instagram

On Monday, January 13, an insider told E!News the couple were spotted checking out the childrens’ section of a high-end furniture store on Sunday over the weekend together in Los Angeles.

According to the insider, the couple were dressed down in sweats trying to be low-key. Tatum and Jessie J did not show off but were in high spirits together the whole time.

Although this may be the case, based on E! News the two of them could just be platonic. An insider told People that both of them are on good terms after their . Jessie J may just be helping Tatum choose a piece of furniture for his six-year-old daughter, Everly.

Tatum shares Everly with his ex-wife Jenna Dewan. Despite all that, some speculate that the Dear John actor and Domino singer could be back together.

An insider said the duo has different goals and aims that do not really align. They had a fun relationship but did not work out. Channing has to be in Los Angeles because of Everly while Jessie wants to be in England but the couple is still friendly towards each other.

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