Renowned photographer Dan Winters captured the essence in a National Geographic photo featuring Angelina Jolie surrounded by thousands of bees. It was for World Bee Day, established by the United Nations.

During a Los Angeles interview, the actress and humanitarian activist discussed the interplay between a thriving environment, food security, and women’s empowerment.

A Facebook page recently said that for this National Geographic photo shoot, Angelina Jolie did not bathe for 7 days because bees are sensitive to smells and will not sting when the smell is too strong.
Thousands of bees were flying around the actor during the photo shoot. (See the video dated 2 years ago).
The session was held in honor of World Bee Day, with Angelina Jolie posing with bees for 18 minutes… a noble and risky gesture to honor the insects that play a fundamental role in our nature.

Jolie and the World Bee Day

“With so much we are worried about around the world and so many people feeling overwhelmed with bad news, this is one [problem] that we can manage,” Jolie said.

The captivating portrait aimed to raise awareness about the pressing need to safeguard bees. It also highlighted a UNESCO-Guerlain initiative, which educates and empowers women as beekeeper entrepreneurs while preserving native bee habitats globally.

Photographer Dan Winters, an avid beekeeper himself, found inspiration in a renowned 1981 portrait by Richard Avedon featuring a bare-chested California beekeeper adorned with bees.

Several Facebook users commented that the photo was photoshopped and that it was fake news. However, a YouTube video showed that it wasn’t fake and disclosed how the filmmakers made the bees stay on the body of Jolie.

The World Bee Day is observed every 20th of May. Its objectives are to 1) recognize the crucial role of bees in sustainable food production and biodiversity, 2) raise awareness about the global decline of pollinator diversity and its risks to agriculture sustainability and human livelihoods, and 3) promote and facilitate actions to protect bees and other pollinators.

Without bees, the world’s food supply and ecosystems would be severely compromised. They are crucial for the survival of nearly 90% of wild flowering plants and over 75% of food crops. Pollinators not only ensure food security but also play a vital role in biodiversity conservation.

Cover Photo: YouTube

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