International Andrew Yang on Iowa caucus fiasco: avoidable error that shot the party...

Andrew Yang on Iowa caucus fiasco: avoidable error that shot the party in the foot

"... it's going to be harder to convince Americans that we can entrance massive systems with the government if we can't count votes on the same night in a way that's clear, transparent, and reliable," said the Democratic Presidential candidate




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New Hampshire, USA – Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang called the Iowa caucus fiasco an error that could have been avoided if votes had been counted on the same night.

Iowa’s Democratic caucuses officially began on Monday night (February 3) across almost 1,700 precinct sites with tens of thousands of people ready to vote for the 10 Democratic candidates.

Things started quite smoothly until a few hours passed, and no results were being shown. The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) eventually announced that a problem occurred.

Almost two days have passed since the caucuses began, and still, only partial results have been released.

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According to the IDP, as quoted by Aljazeera, there was a problem with the code in the mobile phone app used by the precincts to forward report results. The possibility of a cybersecurity breach has been ruled out because the system has been tested prior to the event.

“We have every indication that our systems were secure and there was not a cybersecurity intrusion,” said IDP Chair Troy Price.

“While the app was recording data accurately, it was reporting out only partial data. We have determined that this was due to a coding issue in the reporting system,” he added.

Meanwhile, Presidential candidate Andrew Yang voiced his opinion on the incident through a town hall with CNN on February 6.

“One reason I am pumped to be here in New Hampshire is you all are going to vote February 11, and when we are going to find out the results? February 11!” said Yang who was throwing jabs at the Iowa incident.

“I feel for the Democrats and the people of Iowa, but the fact is, this was really an avoidable error that shot the party in the foot,” said the Presidential candidate. “And it’s going to be harder to convince Americans that we can entrance massive systems with the government if we can’t count votes on the same night in a way that’s clear, transparent, and reliable,” he added.

Yang won about 5 per cent of the vote in Iowa but only one per cent of the state delegates.

When asked what happened, he said, “Well, 5 per cent was about where we were pulling when we went in.”

Yang is hoping to follow in the footsteps of former President Bill Clinton who got less than 3 per cent in Iowa in 1992, “went on to do great here in New Hampshire and became President for two terms.”

Yang also had a few words on the acquittal of incumbent President Donald Trump, who will be the first impeached president to run for another election.

“I think the ongoing polarization of our country is making Donald Trump harder to beat in November,” said Yang. “The fact is, many Americans have regarded this impeachment process like a football game or baseball game where you know what the score’s gonna be at the end. And that’s the way it played out, unfortunately.”

He took a moment to give a few words to Senator Mitt Romney who voted against the Senate decision based on “conscience and character.”

“But he was the lone Republican to do so which was disappointing but not wholly surprising,” admitted Yang. “We have to bring the country together, solve the problems that got Donald Trump elected in the first place; that’s how we’re going to beat him in the fall.” -/TISG

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