SINGAPORE: A recent report by recruitment and human resources expert Hays has shed light on the cautious approach of employers in Singapore towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their recruitment processes.

The study revealed that 45.3 per cent of employers in the region currently have no plans to incorporate AI in their hiring strategies.

While AI adoption in recruitment is gaining traction, the report indicated that Generative AI is still in its early stages, with only 20.7 per cent of employers utilizing this technology in their hiring processes. However, 23 per cent expressed an interest in exploring Generative AI in the coming year.

Among those already leveraging AI in recruitment, the most prevalent applications included resume screening and shortlisting (36.8%), predictive analysis for candidate fit (32.6%), and interview scheduling and coordination (26.3%). This suggests a significant reliance on AI for initial candidate assessments.

Interestingly, the study highlighted a significant segment of employers (59.7%) expressing concerns about the potential biases in AI-powered resume screening, emphasizing the need to address these issues before wider adoption.

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This skepticism among employers could be a key factor contributing to the hesitancy in embracing AI in hiring processes.

The report also delves into the awareness and handling of biases within AI recruitment tools.

Shockingly, 33 per cent of employers using AI in recruitment admit to not actively assessing biases in their tools. To top it off, a mere 29.7 per cent of human resources personnel reported receiving explicit policies regarding using AI tools from their managers or organizations.

As AI continues to shape the recruitment landscape, the findings from the Hays report suggest that there is a need for increased awareness, education, and transparent policies to address concerns around biases and ethical considerations in AI-driven hiring processes.

The reluctance observed among employers highlights the importance of fostering a balanced and ethical implementation of AI technology in the recruitment domain.