Well done Joe Schooling! True credit and kudos to Joe and the Schooling family. Here are some interesting facts:

1. It took a 3rd generation, born and bred Singaporean to achieve a Gold. So it can be done with local talent.

2. The family did not rely on a PAP MP run Sports Association to fund, groom and prepare this man throughout his swimming career. So you do not need a PAP MP to achieve results.

3. His Malaysian mother took on the mighty PAP and the Govt and won an unprecedented deferment from NS. Sadly Ang Peng Siong that held the World 50m title did not have the benefit.

4. Singapore did not have any faith in him and therefore did not want a live broadcast until a blistering and embarrassing letter from a former Press Spokesman for a Cabinet Minister, ex -Journalist and ironically a PAP member to force the issue.

5. You will now witness the “sincere and heartwarming” accolades from cabinet ministers, Govt Officials, SSC Generals and Colonels as though they helped him in his journey. PAP aligned businesses will fight to sponsor his celebration. And every porlumpar will be singing praises as though they supported local talent.

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6. He will receive Meritorious Service Award in 2017 National Day Honours.

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