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WP’s Pritam Singh refutes claims of poor estate maintenance by PAP fanpage




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Member of Parliament (MP) for Aljunied GRC, , took to Facebook yesterday to rebut supposedly “inaccurate” information that was spread by noted ruling party fanpage, Fabrications about the , about the maintenance of the Aljunied constituency.

In a post prominently featuring Singh’s image, Fabrications about the PAP had alleged that a roller shutter in the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council had been damaged and had not been fixed for at “least a year.”

Sharing a screenshot of the post by the fanpage, Singh – who also serves as the deputy secretary-general of the Workers’ Party () – refuted the Facebook page’s assertion that the shutter had not been fixed for such a lengthy amount of time:

“I was alerted to a roller-shutter at Blk 467 Hougang Ave 8 that was allegedly left damaged for a year, courtesy of the Fabrications About The PAP Facebook page yesterday. I have made some enquiries with the Estate team at the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) about the matter.
“According to the Town Council’s case log, on 10 Oct 2017 at around 5pm, Sembwaste contacted AHTC’s Emergency Maintenance Services Unit (EMSU) to report that the Central Refuse Chute (CRC) roller shutter was faulty and it was not possible for them to collect the waste. The claim made in the original post about the roller shutter being damaged for “at least a year or more” is inaccurate.
“On 11 Oct 2017, AHTC’s term contractor inspected the roller shutter and decided to cut the shutter’s curtain to facilitate rubbish collection.
“However, there was a delay of about one month before the Town Council and its contractor could agree on the scope of repair works to the roller shutter – e.g. should the entire system or parts of the system be replaced or should repairs be restricted to the identified damaged parts. I have spoken to the Estate team about this unnecessarily long delay. I understand the Estate team wanted to ensure money is not wastefully spent on parts, which do not need to be replaced as the entire system costs a few thousand dollars and that we need to be prudent about spending. Nonetheless, we acknowledge that we can do much better. Last week, the Estate team tasked the assigned contractor to begin fabricating the parts required to get the shutter in working order. The matter will be resolved by next week, but hopefully, a little earlier.
“On behalf of the AHTC Estate team, I do apologise for the delay.
“I do get feedback about roller-shutter damage and other maintenance matters every so often. Do get in touch with me, or any of the WP Aljunied GRC MPs if you find that the response of the Town Council is too slow in such matters.”
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Singh also responded to another allegation in the comment thread of the same PAP fanpage post, that the grass had not been cut at an area in Kovan that is within Aljunied GRC, by revealing that the grass patch in question comes under the purview of the People’s Association:

“Separately, there was another feedback and picture in the comment thread in the aforesaid ‘Fabrications about the PAP’ post about grass not being cut for months near a site in Kovan in Aljunied GRC. The area in question however comes under the purview of the People’s Association. I have instructed the Town Council to refer this feedback to the PA for their follow up.”

The People’s Association is chaired by Prime Minister .

Fabrications about the PAP responded to Singh’s Facebook post this morning, questioning the accuracy of the case log that the MP had cited in debunking the page’s claim:

“Since Pritam banned me on his page since 2011, I shall reply to him here, I gathered many were banned and comment deleted on Pritam’s page yesterday.
“Aljunied GRC, The Workers’ Party, Pritam Singh I brought the matter to your attention so you can resolve it so your resident do not feel short changed. Instead of thanking me, you decided to attack me and in doing so, implicitly attacked your resident of lying.
“Mr Pritam use the case log as justification. Are you sure it is accurate? I hv less confidence given that AHTC has not been able to keep proper record and needed multiple independent party to audit its operation for the past 6 years. For example, in 2013, AHTC wrongly reported an inflated proportion of household in S&CC arrears because it was “extracted through manual sorting and counting”. And in most recent annual report, your auditor issued a disclaimer that it was unable to verify the staff cost in AHTC (among other things).”

Roller Shutter at Blk 467, Hougang Ave 8—————————————-I was alerted to a roller-shutter at…

Posted by Pritam Singh on Thursday, 23 November 2017

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Since Pritam banned me on his page since 2011, I shall reply to him here, I gathered many were banned and comment…

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Thursday, 23 November 2017

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