Kuala Lumpur — It has been about a month since Malaysian influencer Cathryn Li updated her social media. Now it appears that she is ready to face the public again.

On Sunday (April 11), the 31-year-old surprised her two million followers on Instagram when she posted a 71-second video online. As reported by Hype.my, netizens left encouraging comments on the post. Li, who played I Love You Very Much by René Liu last month, in her new post played Beethoven’s Piano Sonata no.17.  Beethoven fans might also recognise this musical piece as “The Tempest”.

Li wrote on her latest Instagram post that it was “strictly not allowed to be reposted or created in any form of media story. Whatever (that is) posted here, stays here.”

Most netizens would remember Li’s meltdown when she appeared on a Facebook Live and was asked to play the piano. She threw a tantrum after a netizen made a callous remark about her piano skills.

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Cathryn Li just made a comeback on social media. Picture: Instagram

FaceTalk host Andy Chan invited Li as a special guest on his talk show on Facebook Live on March 9. Li is famous on Instagram and she is also an actress. She has uploaded videos of her playing the piano on her own YouTube channel.

During the talk show, Chan asked Li to demonstrate her piano playing skills by jamming with his crew. The influencer, who usually plays classic pieces on the piano, struggled to blend with the crew.

As Li stumbled through her piano playing, one netizen commented, “A person (who likes) music will easily blend into song, instrument or any music but (it seems) that she has no interest at all.” Another netizen commented she looked bored and awkward while the crew played a song on their own. After they were done playing, she said, “There were people who scolded me.”

It then turned into a meltdown as Chan and his crew tried to reassure Li. Li tried to defend her piano playing, saying that she had not heard the kind of music they played before and that she had come on this talk show to chat, so she was not prepared.

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The crew were understanding, even attempting to defend her, but at one point, Li said, “I sit at the keyboard, people scold me, I sit here (at the table), people ask me what I’m doing, so should I just sit there (offscreen)!?”

According to Hype.my, the 31-year-old stormed off and sat in a corner, still airing her grievances. The crew attempted to defuse the situation but the influencer refused to be soothed, even storming back at one point while shouting. The crew wrapped up the show soon after and Li did not appear again on screen./TISG