Entertainment Arts After 7 years of house hunting, Dennis Chew finally finds the perfect...

After 7 years of house hunting, Dennis Chew finally finds the perfect home

Mr Chew's new apartment is a maisonette which he purchased for S$500,000




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It is believed that good things come to those who wait. In the instance of Singaporean radio DJ Dennis Chew it is definitely the case. He spent seven long years to find the perfect home and now he can happily call it his. On August 18, he revealed his latest acquisition on Instagram and the 47-year-old announced that he just did his groundbreaking ceremony. If you are unaware, a groundbreaking ceremony is a feng shui ritual that is performed before a construction project to make sure that it runs smoothly.

Dennis told AsiaOne that his new apartment is a maisonette but he did not reveal its exact location. He said that he paid a “reasonable price” of S$500,000 for the home and he had been searching high and low for the perfect place for ages. He told AsiaOne over text, “I’ve been looking for seven years and I like houses that are very bright and this is the perfect one.”

“It’s love at first sight. I had to keep cool when I first entered but inside, I was screaming with excitement,” he said. Although this is not the first house that Dennis has bought, he said that it will be the one he will be living in. The actor has a close relationship with his parents and after his Aunty Lucy mended the feud with his dad, he is not moving too far away from them.

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He said: “I’m staying very near my parents now. They told me they will come as and when they like. I don’t mind. My mum is very chatty and sometimes loud so her voice will brighten up the house even more.”

His new abode in his Instagram post looks bare but it is expected as renovation works will commence. Dennis does not have a particular concept for the interior design, choosing to let his designer surprise him. The COVID-19 pandemic had affected the renovation works and moving-in date but it cannot be helped.

Bo bian (No choice)… everyone was affected. I just hope everything turns out good,” he said.

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