Entertainment Arts Paris Hilton opens up about past trauma in trailer for new documentary

Paris Hilton opens up about past trauma in trailer for new documentary

The celebrity also spoke about how she puts on a "facade" of a "happy, perfect life" even though it is not the case




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Reality star and heiress Paris Hilton recently talked about her past trauma in the trailer for her new documentary. The documentary named This Is Paris will reveal a totally different side of her. In the trailer, the heiress talks about how she feels saying that no one really knows her true self and that it is hard for her to act normal as she is “so used to playing a character.”

Paris also spoke about how she puts on a “facade” of a “happy, perfect life” even though it is not the case.

The most surprising thing is when she tells her parents about a childhood trauma that she never revealed to anyone which presumably happened while she was attending boarding school. She continued, saying that she could not tell anyone because every time she tried, she would get punished by ‘them’ and that she still has nightmares about it. “…and the only thing that saved my sanity was thinking about who I wanted to become when I got out of there.”

Paris Hilton opens up about her trauma. Picture: Instagram

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The reality star spoke about her struggles from the past such as when she had to deal with her sex tape being leaked in the 2018 documentary The American Meme. However, in her new documentary, it seems that Paris is willing to offer a whole new level of vulnerability. This Is Paris premieres on YouTube on September 14, 2020. You can watch the full trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=rZUTFDjDZSQ&feature=emb_title

Born on February 17, 1981 as Paris Whitney Hilton, Paris is an American media personality, entrepreneur, socialite, model, singer, actress and DJ. She is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton who is the founder of Hilton Hotels. Paris was born and raised in New York City and also spend some of her early years in Beverly Hills, California. When she was a teenager she debuted her modelling career after signing up with New York-based modelling development agency Trump Model Management. Paris was photographed by David Lachapelle for the September 2000 issue of Vanity Fair.

Her partying ways made her a fixture of tabloid journalism and she was named ‘New York’s leading It Girl’ in 2001. In 2003, a leaked 2001 sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was released as 1 Night in Paris. The video made her famous and this was followed by the launch of the reality series The Simple Life in which she appeared with her friend Nicole Richie.

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