elderly cleaning

A video of a senior citizen working hard to clear tables has drawn mixed reactions from netizens.

While many expressed compassion on the elderly man, others warned against sizing up the situation too quickly.

Set to dramatic piano music, the video shows an older man shuffling between tables in the dining area at Tampines Century Square and holding on to seatbacks to steady himself.

It was posted on the Singapore Incidents Facebook and Instagram pages on Monday (Mar 22) where it’s been viewed and shared thousands of times.

The caption reads: “Am upset watching this uncle, damn disgusted to see elderlies working at such age. Uncle, wish you good health. Any charity organization please help. At Tampines Century Square.”

Many commenters had the same feelings as the poster, who evidently felt sorry for the elderly man.

However, others warned that the poster does not know the full story. The old man, they wrote, may have chosen to keep on working simply because he wants to.

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Others were concerned that the uncle might lose his job because of the negative publicity the viral video may get.


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