UPDATE: As of 10.52 am on Mar 22, responding to TISG’s queries, a spokesperson from NUH directed us to the following FB post of the hospital:

“NUH is aware of social media posts and reports regarding an incident involving an expectant woman at our Emergency Medicine Department. We are in touch with the family to support them during this difficult time.

Out of respect for the family, we seek the public’s understanding not to speculate about the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

Netizens who commented on NUH’s response were quick to call out the hospital for their lack of answers and pointed out that it was the family who publicized the incident, to begin with.

A devastated husband took to social media to share about the ordeal that he and his wife went through after allegedly being left unattended for two hours at the National University Hospital (NUH).

In a Facebook post on Monday (Mar 21) morning, the man, who went by the Facebook name Mee Pok Tah wrote that on Mar 15 at about 9.30 pm, his wife started bleeding profusely from the birth canal when she was bathing. He called for an ambulance, which arrived within 10 minutes and took her to the Accident and Emergency Ward at NUH.

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He wrote that she arrived at the NUH at about 10.30 pm, and he was able to receive updates about the patient via text messages from the NUH System (NUHS) at about 10.38 pm.

According to the man, upon his wife’s arrival at the A&E, a nurse on duty appeared to set up a monitoring device to check his wife’s vitals.

The man alleged that the hospital had left his wife unattended for two hours, and he only received a text message at around 12:48 am to inform him that his wife had been sent to the maternity ward.

He wrote: “Doctors and nurses attended to my wife immediately when she reached the maternity ward. After checking on my wife and the baby, the doctors told my wife that the baby heart structure was there but there was no heartbeat and hence he has passed away”. 

He questioned why there was a gap of two hours between the time she was admitted to the A&E and the time she was attended to.

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In his post, he wrote that he could not stop thinking about the possibility of his child being saved if they were promptly attended to.

In an update on his post, he added: “Update: 21/03 @ 1230hrs Recieved first call from NUH assuring us that Investigations are ongoing now”.

The man’s Facebook post has been shared over 3,800 times since it was posted last night at around 12:20 am.

Other Facebook posts by the man also revealed that the baby was cremated at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium on Mar 16.

TISG has reached out to both NUH and to the man. /TISG