SINGAPORE: A recent global survey has found that a significant majority, 82 per cent of Singaporean participants, are satisfied with their partners or spouses.

However, the results took a notable turn when it came to the realm of intimacy, with only 62 per cent reporting satisfaction with their intimate lives.

500 Singaporeans were polled on how satisfied they are in their relationships by market research company Ipsos, which surveyed 24,000 individuals across 31 countries.

The overall well-being of respondents was also scrutinized in the survey. 74 per cent of Singaporeans said they felt happy, 70 per cent said they believed they were valued, and 69 per cent expressed satisfaction with their social lives.

Delving deeper into interpersonal relationships, the survey unveiled that the majority of Singaporeans maintain contentment in familial bonds.

A striking 84 per cent reported satisfaction with their relationships with relatives, while an even higher percentage, 87 per cent, expressed contentment with their relationships with their children.

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Friendships and professional connections were also scrutinized in the survey. 78 per cent of Singaporeans conveyed satisfaction with their friends, highlighting strong social connections. Meanwhile, 73 per cent expressed contentment with their relationships with colleagues.

The Ipsos survey paints a nuanced picture of the satisfaction levels within Singaporean lives while prompting a deeper analysis of the disparity between satisfaction in spousal relationships and intimate aspects of Singaporeans’ lives.

Possible factors contributing to this dichotomy could include communication barriers, stress, or varying expectations within romantic relationships.

Understanding these nuances is crucial for both individuals and professionals seeking to enhance the holistic well-being of citizens, offering an opportunity for open dialogue and targeted interventions to address the intricacies of both emotional connection and physical intimacy.