SINGAPORE: On June 1 (Saturday), a six-year-old Singaporean hero set out on an extraordinary quest to shatter records and become the youngest person ever to cycle 120 km around Singapore in a single day.

He also aimed to raise funds for people with disabilities.

According to 8World News, young Ryan Soon demonstrated his exceptional cycling prowess at the age of 4 when he effortlessly completed a 10 km ride. “He was very interested in riding a bicycle and liked to ride it very fast,” his father said.


He rode from Jurong East to his grandmother’s home in Bukit Panjang, surprising his father, Benjamin Soon, an Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology.

Earlier this year, Ryan further astonished his father by completing an impressive 52 km ride in East Coast Park in one go.

After seeing his skills, his father jokingly suggested he attempt an ambitious 120 km ride around the island. However, to his astonishment, his son eagerly accepted the challenge.

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Without wasting any time, Ryan’s parents started preparing him for the arduous journey, ensuring he had the necessary training and support.

As reported by Mothership, Ryan and his parents dedicated themselves to rigorous training sessions, embarking on cycling trips of more than 50 kilometres each.

These training rides included routes between Jurong and Changi Airport.

Fundraising mission

Seizing this opportunity, Ryan’s father turned the challenge into a fundraising mission to support people with mental disabilities.

As displayed on, their fundraising efforts will benefit SUN-DAC, an esteemed organization managing three Day Activity Centres (DAC) for individuals with varying intellectual, physical, mental, sensory, and learning disabilities.

The mission, aptly named ‘Pedal for a Purpose, Donate for a Cause,’ aimed to raise $100 for every kilometre Ryan pedalled during his monumental journey.

Remarkably, Ryan has already raised an impressive sum of $11,780 for this noble cause.

To contribute and be part of this meaningful journey, simply visit Ryan’s page here and make a donation.

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Breaking the record

Ryan’s mission, however, didn’t stop there. While researching some stuff online, his parents discovered that if Ryan managed to cycle 120 km, he would break a record set by Varad Vijay on March 13, 2022.

At just 9 years old, Varad cycled an impressive 106.83 km in 7 hours and 33 minutes, etching his name on the Asia Book of Records.

Realizing this exciting opportunity, Ryan’s family saw a chance to support a cause and set a new milestone in cycling history.

However, Ryan’s father emphasized that their primary focus was not solely on completing the 120 km ride as quickly as possible but rather on enjoying the entire process together.

His father mentioned that when they felt tired during the journey, they would take breaks to buy drinks and enjoy ice cream, ensuring Ryan’s comfort and enjoyment throughout the ride.

“There are only a few years when kids will want to do things with us (parents), and when they get older, they’ll want to hang out with their friends more,” he told 8World News.

“So it’s good to spend time with them now so they can remember the good times they had with mom and dad and have good memories,” he added.

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