SINGAPORE: When it comes to banking, complacency can be costly. With today’s enticing interest rates and seamless online transactions, sticking to the same old savings account may not be the wisest choice.

Here are four signs it’s time to switch savings accounts to maximize your financial opportunities, according to SingSaver.

1. The interest rate is too low

The first sign to switch is the low-interest rate on your savings account. Banks offer rates ranging from a modest 2.50% to a tempting 7.88% per annum; settling for the minimum return on your savings is like leaving money on the table. If your account isn’t delivering the best possible interest rate, it’s a cue to explore better alternatives.

2. Getting the bonus interest feels like a marathon

Many savings accounts come with bonus interest, but it often feels like running a marathon to earn it. Meeting criteria like crediting your salary, spending a minimum on your debit/credit card, or maintaining a higher monthly balance can be challenging. If you find yourself jumping through hoops to secure that bonus interest, it’s a clear signal to consider an account with simpler requirements.

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3. You’re dealing with fees and penalties

Paying fees and penalties for your savings account is like watching your hard-earned money slip away. Monthly minimum balance fees, ranging from a modest S$2 to a staggering S$50, can erode your interest earnings and chip away at your savings. If you’re caught in the web of fees, it might be smart to switch to an account where your money works for you, not against you.

4. When your savings exceed the cap

A hefty balance in your savings account is a good problem, but not if it comes with an interest rate cap. Some accounts limit the interest you earn based on your balance, which can hinder those with substantial savings. If you find yourself hitting the cap and earning less than you’d expect, it’s time to consider a switch to an account that rewards larger balances. You can also distribute your funds across multiple accounts.

With the ease of digital banking, making the switch is simpler than ever. So, perhaps it’s time to give your savings a fresh start in a more rewarding account this coming new year. /TISG