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30 Ways to Bring in Extra Income Even with a Full-Time Job




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Whether it is to pay your debt quicker, save more, or just have a better lifestyle, earning extra money is never a bad idea. Singapore has a wide variety of options to enable you to earn side income every month. We list out 30 ways to earn extra money and you can pick whichever suits you the most. Start earning more!

1. Become an online translator

If learning new languages is your hobby, why not earn some cash out of it! Websites like Upwork and translators town offer freelance translation jobs that are time bound and pretty lucrative. The payment per assignment can range from S$20 to S$1,500. This means that you can take up assignments as and when you have spare time or on weekends. Investing in that German tutorial wasn’t a bad idea after all!

2. Become a tutor

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If your job timings are not very hectic, why not use the time before or after work hours to take up tuitions? With Singaporeans being extremely competitive in academics, tutoring is a flourishing sector here. You can teach subjects like English, Mathematics or Science. Hourly home tuition rates range from S$20-S$120.

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3. Sell things on Etsy

If you are creative and have spare time over the weekends, it is a great idea to sell items on Etsy. You can sell loads of stuff ranging from accessories, craft supplies, bags, collectibles, art or poetry on it. Selling on the platform isn’t expensive (they charge only 3.5% commission), is easy, and the opportunities are endless. So, open your Etsy shop right away!

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4. Become a babysitter

If your maternal instincts are high and spending time with kids sounds like a great activity, this is the perfect option for you. You don’t need to get into any full-time or part-time commitment to babysit. If you have friends or family with kids in Singapore, let them know you are open to babysit their kids for short durations over the weekends. Every parent, once in a while, looks forward to having a quiet dinner or an afternoon watching a movie. That’s where you come in. Agencies generally charge S$25 per hour for such ad hoc babysitting sessions. However, since these are your friends or relatives, you can charge them accordingly.

5. Become a pet sitter

Babies seem like a lot more responsibility and you lack maternal instincts? Then pet-sitting maybe an idea. If you melt away every time a cute pup comes your way, here is a dream job. Become a pet sitter for families or individuals who are going on a vacation or travelling for work. While pet sitting, you could cuddle the furry animals, play with them, clean up, groom them and take them for a walk.

You could go the informal way of taking care of the pets of your family or friends while they are away or register yourself at an agency like Pet Buddies, or Pawshake. Prices range from S$10-S$45 per hour. This kind of a job works better for those with a work-from-home kind of setup.

6. Plan experiences for tourists

If you think you know Singapore in and out, here is your chance to use that knowledge and lay your hands on some extra dough. Show a unique side of Singapore to tourists and use platforms such as Airbnb to host it. You can design and submit an experience or multiple ones over a couple of days and if those over at Airbnb like it, they will publish it. Once published, it will be booked by people visiting Singapore from around the world. The price and group size will be decided by you.

Sounds exciting? It is. Along with earning money, you will also get a chance to meet diverse people and show them your favourite part of Singapore.

7. Become a holiday photographer

Yes, such a profession exists. With the increasing pressure to look perfect on social media along with making perfect memories, people want fabulous photos of their vacation. So, if photography is your passion and you think you know the most photogenic spots in Singapore, become a holiday photographer! Register yourself on websites like Frame A Trip or pinpic and start earning some cash.

8. Participate in online surveys

This one is a teddy bear’s picnic. It does not require any commitment or major skills and is the ideal option to get some free coupons or cash. Whenever you are free, take up online surveys and in return, receive points which you can use to buy gift cards or vouchers. A few examples of these websites are AIP Online Surveys, Your Voice, and Toluna. After all, who doesn’t love being paid to give an opinion!

9. Become a lettering specialist

We might have moved on away from our pens and pencils on the back of technology but nothing feels as good as the written word yet. A hand-written invite, a thank-you note, or even a restaurant menu has a special feel to it. If you have an interest in calligraphy or other lettering styles, why not use it to earn money? Polish your skills by taking up workshops and start an amazing part-time career you love. A good place to begin would be the modern calligraphy workshop for beginners listed on theworkroom.sg.

10. Earn from events

Remember that girl handing over a free sample to you the other day at a roadshow? You could be her and earn money at another event soon. Singapore has loads of buzzing areas like Orchard Road and Raffles Place, which regularly host events and promotions. If you think you have the confidence to converse with strangers and can present yourself well, this job is right for you over the weekends.

11. Sell homemade food

If you (or your mother or even grandmother) make amazing noodles, pies, or brownies and want the world to get a taste of it, make it happen! Set up an online shop or spread the word and start making money out of it. And don’t worry, there are no licensing issues as long as you sell your food to individuals. Just make sure you maintain high cleanliness standards. You could also participate in global platforms such as meal sharing where you invite travellers for meals at your home. You could also share your yummy home cooked food with fellow Singaporeans on platforms such as Share Food.

12. Yoga instructor

If flexibility is your forte and yoga your interest, why not teach it to others? Health consciousness is no longer just a fad and you can leverage on this growing interest. Conduct weekend programmes so that this does not interfere with your regular job. If interested, you could take up a certification course from institutes like The Yoga Mandala or Vyasa Yoga. Check out these five trendy fitness workouts Singaporeans love and see if you want to get into teaching one of them.

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13. Run errands for others

In this fast-paced world, time is money. People are willing to pay those who can help save their time. That’s where you come in. Join a platform like LaborMe where you can become a ‘tasker’, carry out the jobs listed, and get paid. These jobs can be anything – from queuing up for food or couriering a letter.

14. Refer a friend

Loads of companies in Singapore are willing to pay you in cash or kind if you refer relevant people to them. For example, inviting people to Airbnb can earn you and the people you invite travel credit to use for a new reservation. You and your friend will be awarded bonuses after a successful reference on ShopBack. All you need to do is know what your friends want and refer them to appropriate websites. Referrals can earn you taxi discounts, coupons and extra cash (if you get your friend a job in your company), so keep an eye out for referrals schemes when you try out a new service or register on a new app.

15. Become a freelance writer

If you think you have the flair for the written word, you have a chance to make money from it. You can become a freelance writer for a website, magazine, news wire, or ad agency – the opportunities are many. These can be long or short-term commitments so decide what suits you depending on the timings of your full-time job. Make sure you do some market research and decide an ideal per word/per hour or per project rate based on your education and experience. Don’t be too picky initially, build a versatile portfolio, and you will go a long way. Expect to earn S$30-S$50 cents/word when you start off and check out websites like freelancer.com.

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16. Sell unwanted things

In your free time, look around in your house and take stock of the items you don’t use, clothes you don’t wear, music instruments you don’t play, and baby stuff you don’t need. Instead of letting them clutter your house, sell them on websites like Carousell (also an app) or Gumtree.

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17. Become a mascot

Singapore is bustling with weekend events that spend a lot on promotions. You might have noticed individuals donning a Pokemon or Peppa Pig costume at events for kids or girls dressed in traditional kimonos outside a newly opened Japanese restaurant. All you need to do is dress up and wave at crowds, take pictures, distribute flyers and be nice. You can expect to earn between S$15-S$25 an hour for such jobs and take them up over the weekends

18. Serve at banquets

If your work timings are not too hectic, you could choose to pick up a part-time job at a banquet. This will give you an entry in the hospitality sector in which you can later take up as a full-fledged career. Apart from working in a lavish environment and getting a chance to see celebrities, you can earn S$8-S$10 an hour. Hunt these jobs on websites like Fastjobs.

19. Become a videographer

If you cannot boast enough of your videography skills, why not earn some cash out of it? Apart from shooting weddings and birthday parties for friends, you could also be a part of something unique like 90 seconds – a cloud video production platform. Anyone who needs a video can put up a request and you can take up the assignment if it suits you. Everything is managed online and is quite systematic and lucrative.

20. Become a logo designer

If creativity is your strength and graphics your interest, you can become a freelance logo designer. New businesses come up daily, which means new job opportunities for logo designers too come up every day. It is a job that does not require too much time commitment, is fun, and will keep your creative juices flowing. Put your portfolio up on sites like Fiverr for a start.

21. Become a tech reviewer

If you love technology and know the internals of your phone better than your wardrobe’s, it is time you start cashing in on that knowledge. Becoming a consumer technology reviewer is a huge career opportunity, has flexible working hours, and pays well. You could try working for global brands such as CNET or local ones like Tech In Asia. Or if you’re feeling enterprising enough, start your own YouTube channel or blog.

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22. Instruct a course on Udemy

Udemy, an online learning marketplace, is the perfect place to share your knowledge and earn while you do so. If you have been in the marketing field for long or have immense knowledge of baking, you could design a course and teach people through Udemy. You can use this platform not only to impart knowledge but also to expand your own.

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23. Become a music teacher

If you can play the piano in your sleep or think the guitar was made just for you, look no further. Here is the perfect job for you. Start a weekend music class or teach students post your work hours during the week. Music teachers can earn around S$200 for a class with about 5-6 students. Check out websites like Advent Music for teaching opportunities.

24. Rent out a room

If you have a two-bedroom flat and you stay alone, it only makes sense to let it out to a long-term tenant or showcase it on platforms like HomeAway for travellers looking for a space to stay. This way, you will not only earn money but also have company.

25. Become a driver

If you have a car, and want to turn it into a cash cow, try this. You could become an Uber or Grab driver and earn in those extra hours every day. You could also get a rental car from Grab. The process to become a driver with either of them is lengthy but if you are committed, it will be worth it. For those looking for lower commitment, there is GrabHitch – a social carpooling service. It enables regular drivers to give fellow commuters a lift, meet new people, and cover the costs of owning a car.

26. Publish an ebook

Publishing a book may sound like a feat, and it is, but not in this case. You could write a 20-40 pager ebook and sell it on Amazon. If you keep the price of the book anywhere between US$2.99 and US$9.99, your book qualifies for a 70% royalty. That’s pretty awesome actually! Try to select topics which are rare and interesting so that your book does not have too much competition. If your book gets rave reviews, it will prove to be a long-lasting passive income for you.

27. Become a concierge shopper

If you have pockets of time over the week or weekends, utilise it to earn money by joining a groceries delivery platform like honestbee. This gives you an opportunity to earn up to S$30 per hour. All you need to qualify is to be above 18 years and have a smartphone.

28. Get an ad on your car

If you have just bought a car and are dreading the costs for season parking, petrol, ERP, maintenance and so on, fret not. You can start using your car to generate a side income that will cover all the costs. Register yourself on Adogo and get an option to choose an ad you want on your car. They will apply removable vinyl stickers, which will be part of a campaign, and then pay you. You can earn up to S$250 a month through this.

29. Shop when you travel abroad

If you are among the lucky ones who travel abroad frequently (could be for work or leisure), here is a chance to earn some extra dough. Register yourself on websites like Airfrov or Tompang, which connect shoppers to travellers. So, if someone is craving macaroons from Paris and you are travelling there next week, you could pick it up for them and earn money on it. However, make sure you don’t bring items that are banned in Singapore and be mindful of the country’s GST rules.

30. Join a focus group

Being paid for giving your feedback. Sounds like a dream, right? If you join a focus group, it could come true. The idea is to assemble a bunch of people to give feedback on and discuss a product before it is launched. Check out job sites like Trovit and stand a chance to earn around S$35 – S$50 for two hours.

Nothing is now stopping you from making more money, eh?

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