e27 Academy is going to be the best event of 2018 thanks to the help from these fantastic community members

To create cool projects, the first step is usually to acknowledge a problem. Through surveys, talking to people and internal data, we at e27 found a gap: Southeast Asia is lacking in learning resources catered for aspiring and early-stage startup founders. These founders need all the help they can get and they could do with much more support.

e27’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their businesses. To that end, we launched e27 Academy, and brought in trainers and mentors that are each subject matter experts within one of the content pillars.

We are now taking another step in this direction to ensure more Founders have access to the three day e27 Academy programme. Here is how:

  1. Adopt a partnerships mindset to collaborate with community partners and bring together 300 Founders across Southeast Asia into the e27 Academy programme
  2. Subsidise ticket prices – Valued at over US$1,200 you can now get a ticket at US$499 and it will include your ferry ride, accommodation and food. There are zero hidden costs with your purchase.
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Over the last week, we reached out to communities to help bring awareness of e27 Academy to their local communities. The response has been amazing and we found 24 community partners (full list below) across Southeast Asia that reinforced that we are not alone in our mission. Each community partner plays an integral part in helping to push Founder education and e27 Academy forward.

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For those who are late to the party, the three day Academy programme equips Founders with a much needed foundation to navigate the uncertainty seas of entrepreneurship.

We will facilitate this through an impactful agenda of over 20 hours of workshops, roundtable discussions and one-on-one consultations. Founders will learn how to put together a thorough “Go to Southeast Asia” business plan, tweak their sales acceleration techniques, understand HR and local labour laws, reach out to their first 10 investors, run effective management meetings and a whole lot more!

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Find out more on the e27 Academy here.

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If you would like to get involved as a community partner, do reach out to us at contact@e27.co or directly to me at sajeev@e27.co.

Our list of community partners in alphabetical order (as at 25/10/2018):

  1. 5Desire
  2. aCAT Penang
  3. beSUCCESS
  4. Big Wheel
  5. Brand Now
  6. Collision 8
  7. Found
  9. Google Business Group Jakarta
  10. iCube Innovation
  11. IEEE Singapore
  12. Kolaborasi
  13. Nexus FrontierTech
  14. Paperclip HK
  15. Pixaworks Creative
  16. Plug and Play
  17. Ruang Kreasi
  18. SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Club
  19. She Loves Tech
  20. StartupJohor
  21. The Wave
  22. Wantedly
  23. WORQ
  24. YES

Photo by Matt Eason on Unsplash

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