2023 Singapore F1 race

SINGAPORE: Are you excited about the 2023 Singapore F1 race this weekend? Whether you are an F1 fan or not, maybe you have the same sentiments as the guy on Reddit who asked, “Do you find the F1 race in Singapore (2023) very quiet/muted this year?”

He added, “It’s just weird that it’s not being hyped up. It’s this weekend isn’t it? Not much crowd either.”

Several Redditors shared their thoughts, and it turns out many blame the ticket prices.

One shared, “Yeah a few reasons: 1) Iswaran, 2) Red Bull dominance, 3) Increase in tix prices, 4) Mediocre entertainment lineup besides Post Malone (Jackson Wang is alright but his fans here would have alr seen him just 8 months ago)”

Another agreed saying, “I agree. The difference between watching for free on TV and being there is really just the concerts. Being trackside is nice but you don’t get the helicopter view that TV has.”

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One mentioned, “I miss when they aired the concerts on TV as well.”

One person shared their experience from last year’s F1: “Paid $288 for a three day Padang grandstand pass last year. Same pass is $800 this year.”

Another commented, “But there will always be takers willing to shell out the money. Eventually you’ll figure out that you are not part of the target demographic envisioned by the event organisers. Willing buyer, willing seller as what we all like to say in this sub”

Another mentioned, “I was in orchard yesterday, half the crowd was angmoh.”

An F1 fan added, “I’m a hardcore f1 fan (Mercedes) this year I can’t be bothered.. it’s too expensive.”

Another agreed, “not hardcore if price is the issue.”

As the Singapore F1 race approaches, the debate about its quieter vibe continues.

Whether it’s the high ticket prices, Red Bull’s dominance, or the attractiveness of the entertainment lineup, one thing’s for sure – F1 fans and event organisers are grappling with the changing face of this iconic event in the Lion City.

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