Will Malay-Muslim women in frontline public service roles be allowed to wear hijabs if Halimah becomes president?


With the reserved presidential election fast approaching, netizens have been abuzz with questions and comments about the individuals who have thrown their hat into the ring – businessmen Salleh Marican and Farid Khan and ex-PAP MP Halimah Yacob who relinquished her role as MP and Speaker of Parliament to contest the election.

The online sphere is especially interested in establishment favourite Halimah, who finally announced her intention to take part in the race after months of speculation, last Sunday.

Questions on Halimah’s ‘malayness’ and whether she can really participate in an election that has been expressly set aside for Malay candidates, given that her father is Indian, have gained much traction.

Opinions that her resignation as a minority MP goes against the basis of the GRC system have also been volleyed by several prominent parties. Former PAP MP Inderjit Singh said that a sitting MP resigning from office to contest the presidential race may go against the spirit of the Office as intended by Lee Kuan Yew, while ex-Association of Malay Professionals director Nizam Ismail asserted that Halimah’s resignation will dilute minority representation in Marsiling Yew-Tee GRC and in Parliament.

Meanwhile, opposition political party Singapore Democratic Party has taken issue with the Government’s decision to not call for a by-election to fill Halimah’s roles. Calling the decision “an abuse of the system” and one that “makes a mockery of the general elections,” the party said that it is exploring legal remedies to compel the Government to call for a by-election.

In the midst of all this, former senior political correspondent from the Straits Times, Ismail Kassim, has put forth another question about Halimah’s candidacy: if Halimah becomes president, will a photo of her wearing the hijab hang in all public sector offices?

This question is particularly notable since Malay-Muslim women in public service frontline roles, like police officers and nurses, are still not freely allowed to wear hijabs at work in Singapore.

Here's a thought, IsmailYou've often mentioned the tudung issue – women in some public service roles, like police…

Posted by Ismail Kassim on Sunday, 6 August 2017

What do you think? Will Malay-Muslim women in frontline public service roles still be barred from wearing the hijab if the head of state is a hijab-wearing woman? Or will such women be finally free to wear hijabs if Halimah is elected?


  1. That why lhl is not talented enuff to head a country. 50 ministers for such a small countries n yet still screwed up. Goh keng swee must be cursing in heaven.

  2. Very easy what. Her first order upon becoming President would be to issue a decree that Muslim women would be allowed to wear hijabs at work (with her master’s approval of course) to show how useful she is as a President to the Malays.

  3. Many issues at hand , deplorable state but decision made to deprived the right candidates , reflect the mindset n shallow selfish thinking to cling on to power , the word meritocracy n democracy is dead in sin , is this sustainable n credible ? Once the useless media stop the state one sided propaganda , the true voices will be heard and for the first time : the truth n real history n persecution n bullying must stop

  4. Another point to ponder is, will she be shaking hands with fellow male Singaporean in future Presidential events, which is forbidden (Haram ) in inlamic tenet.
    MUIS or Singapore Islamic Council will be task to resolve this matter.

    • You are right Rahmat Suleiman. The first thing she must do is give all muslim woman in civil service the permission to wear the tudung. Then when she meets heads of state from other countries her husband must be there to do the handshake on behalf of the President. Man oh man this is getting really complicated.

    • Annnnd… This is why people think islam is backwards with the womens right..

      Im not saying im all for her.. But we all know the ball in her yard so u can count on it she be the next jead of state..

      If she does, she dnt hav to shake nobodys hand.. She’s the head of state.. She can do wat she wanna..

      Regarding the tudung issue, i think its only the uniform group thats affected, and i dnt think her being the head of state gonna change anything.. We do hav teachers thats allowed to dress as society deem appropriate.

      So here’s way most probably gonna happen: she gonna play her role for a few years, just like others before and retire comfortably.. Nothings gonna change.. So come lets us pay our taxes, buy new train thats advertising neighborhood area like its meant tourist or new citizen.. Cmon seriously.. I dont need a picture of yishun stadium popping up wen the train bout to hit khatib.. But them new citizen might find it interesting.. Juz saying

    • What about all the male muslim leaders that shook other ladies hand? To bring up this unnecessary issue already shows how hypocritical you are as a muslim man..
      I am a muslim too..
      Mr rahmat,take off your songkok and stop being a hypocrite…

    • Orlando Scully shaking hands and allowing all Muslims female are two different issues..rahmat comments are totally stereotyping..
      Whatever she does is up to God to judge….

    • If she gets elected, than Shes the bloody head of state… She can chose not to shake anybody’s hand if she dont wanna.. Wats the big deal.. U think trump or putin gonna get butthurt juz coz thier hands were’nt shook.. Its not an issue ar all.. As the head of state, u gotta hav backbone to do wat u think is ur rights, else how u gonna protect ur citizen rights

    • Gosh, stop being so oppressive with your religious beliefs. Let her do the job of a President of a secular country and stop stirring shit to justify your religious rights! Shameless!

  5. Things in our governmen start to get more complicated I guess… after LKY passed away.. all the things tat happen within the government circle starts to get weird with their comments and reaction … and now with Halimah’s issue. . It will tangled up and gets more complicated … anyway happy birthday to Singapore. …

  6. See. How smart now Singaporean are now’s a day. So don’t think we are still in the 70s or 80s. As we grown older, we have much experience then in before. So Mr. PM, do select a proper candidate for the coming election.

  7. This is just my personal assessment, Madam Halimah Yacob is probably allowed to wear tudung is because Singapore government wish to show the world leaders that there is a Muslim representative to look after Muslims community.

    Singapore was built based on multicultural society, NOT religion, and Singapore must not be seen as Islamic (or any religion) nation but cultural diversity.

    Halimah is not just being a Muslim but also play a vital role to denounce extremism and promote tolerant and peace.

    And using her Presidential capacity, she also can share her experience with world leaders to adopt Singapore good example to live free from religious denomination.

    So those (anti-government) Opposition party and individual who enjoyed stirring racial and/or religious sentiment must be put in ISD cell indefinitely, they are out to ruin Singapore safety, peace and stability (While Muslims, it is for their religious interest) for their own political interest.

    ~ End ~

    • Hi Andy , I think you are been irresponsible to write this ! … just because others have different opinion , you throw all to a lock up ? …
      – why not just appoint the president by the current government ? … many will trust his decision but not this situation …
      – is this online with the national pledge ?
      – many questions have not been enlighten too ?

    • Sim Phongy

      If you claimed that others are giving opinion, don’t you think they are very irresponsible to make use of (my) race Malay and Islamic religion to stir sentiment? If any of you does not know about “Tudung” issue can lead to another issue in religion matter, please do not inject your idea just for the sake of opposing government.

      I am prepared to take responsibility for my own comment legally, and I hope others too.

      Thank you.

    • Sim Phongy

      Since you also claimed that others are giving opinion, don’t you think they are very irresponsible to make use of (my) race Malay and Islamic religion to stir sentiment? If any of you does not know about “Tudung” issue can lead to another issue in religion matter, please do not inject your idea just for the sake of opposing government.

      I am prepared to take responsibility for my own comment legally, and I hope others too.

    • This EP is reserved for Malay by Race n not by Religion. Somebody ought to be responsible to educate the public not to use religion like Muslim or “Malayness” in this EP discussion. Stay strictly to Genetic Race for this EP?

    • Dins Andy who started all this EP for Malays in the first place.. certainly not the opposition… but by idiots who can’t see past their noses.. and we pay them how much?

    • Middle Eastern countries? Malaysia? Their leaders are Muslim as well. The main community is the Muslim community in most of those countries as well. What do you even mean???? Malaysia don’t look after Muslim community?

  8. Can anyone enlighten me on the contribution she made to this country and in what wAg she triumphs Tharman to the presidency seat? She didn’t earn it. Will never get my respect. Another puppet.

    • Ahmad
      You mean if a muslim lady dont wear hijab she will not get to God? Wear hijab but no morals is ok? Please stop such narrow thinking. Every soul has direct link with God. Arabs want all muslims to be controlled by them. In those days it was not enforced. So all those ladies went to hell ?

    • Does human behavior effected significantly over a thin piece of cloth? does a woman fate depended on a piece of cloth? how humorous and primitive it is if modern human still think in this way. It’s time to liberate your mind from ancient constraints.

    • the irony is it is not primitive.if you think being conservative and modest is primitive ask her why she chooses so.the choice to wear should not be prevented by those who wishes to

    • Of cos it is not civilized from a secular point of view. A woman can’t even show her hairstyle in the public. she have to cover up her cheek during sports and hot weather. she cannot wear the type of clothing she want and must stick strictly to the Muslim style, as she is afraid of getting penalized for not obeying this regulation.The basic human rights have been violated tremendously.

    • dude are you on drugs or something? when muslim women are prescribed to don their required dress code, you said their human rights tremendously violated? so from your secular point of view, muslim women must not wear what god commanded? did that restrict their contribution to humanity?

    • it is not about being Islamist country.look at the western country like usa for e.g..open your minds.dont be narrow minded.the rights of Muslim women are not heard

  9. Are we starting a racial issue? What is happening in Turkey is regressive; not progressive. A person’s devotion to his religion is founded within himself or herself, not publicly wearing hijabs or doning a cross. This ‘dubious or sham’ Presidential Election as most put it, should not or must not stir a hornet nest on ‘religious rights’ then into minority or equal rights debate. Such a ‘immature’ debate can destabilize Singapore as it has in Turkey! Singapore Malays have progress significantly and enjoy many benefits of a ‘progressive n stable’ Singapore. In that, our Indians, Eurasians and Chinese citizens too enjoy a progressive n stable small Singapore. Can’t say the same for MRT, Presidential Elections and ‘political landscape’ …In conclusion, if you believe that wearing a hijab represents ‘freedom of choice or expression’ in Singapore, you will be sadly misled or in any job interview in a more progressive city like HK or Sydney, the probability of getting an interview 1 in 10,000. It appears that Singaporeans do not or will not have a choice of President…. why waste our energy to debate facade?

  10. I am not in favor of supporting hijab in uniform group. Nothing against anyone. We remain as it is. This issue will arise with this choice of President. Plse dont drag religion into President office. This is not an Islamic state. If one has live 100% muslim way – then go to a place where only muslims live. Multi religious , racial n cultural society – learn to live together.

      • simple reason, I’ve lived in spore for 59 years, I don’t want to see police n military with hijab, all wear the same, does not matter what your religion. if the west can do it, that’s their problem

    • No we are not west nor we want hijab in uniform. It will trigger every religion to demand. Dont compare with Sikhs. They were wearing turban since 15th century. Plse stop religion into forces in a multi racial system which working well.

    • Dun forget who are the natives and national language of this country. Like it or not you have to respect their custom and religion. Learn how the Australian treat their natives. If you dun like you can move elsewhere also. Majulah Singapore.

      • where does it say malays are the natives? anyway stop living in the past, this country belongs to sporeans, all religions respected, no one gets special attention

    • Those Malays talking like muslim extremist – my 2 cents worth advise is – Go n live in Saudi Arabia n then come n lecture us. For your info – Saudi Crown Prince announced few months back that only Arabs are pure muslims n rest are slaves. So you dont act more muslim n talk tough here. We are a multi racial n religious secular country where we live n let live. If you want 100% Islamic lifestyle then YOU are in the wrong place n you should leave.
      Language n Race is different from religion. Some to mix up. That is the No 1 problem with Muslims.

    • Ms Convert
      I cant call you by name because you wrote your name in arab. Are you a Indian muslim or Arab? Stop pretending your identity. Allah never said you must act Arab n dress like another community to reach him. Only your good conduct , ability to live n let live with other humans in peace n kindness to all lives that bring you to God. Your response shows you are narrow minded, shallow n smack of extremist tendency. F.Y.I – the Saudi Royalty – called Indian muslims n all muslims outside Saudi as SLAVES n not original muslims. So you better go n sort that out n stop becoming a radical. Muslim means follower of God n God dont encourage intolerance.

    • Who made the EP policy to reserve for Malay n later confuse the public with religion that determine the race n lead to all these discussions? We should not mix religions with race at all.. Thanks to the initiator of this policy maker.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay So Sikhs wearing turbans since 15th century, no problem is it? Muslim women wearing the hijab since the 7th century, cannot is it? What kind of kambing logic is that?

    • Ridhuan Abdullah
      Muslim ladies started this trend of wearing hijab only from 90’s. Even when i was in school until my NS days , rarely muslim ladies wear hijab except for old machis , that too not hijab like now.
      Malay soldiers who fought Japanese in WW II , along Indian Army here in Pasir Panjang , didnt wear songkok. Only helmets. On contrary , Sikhs wore turban even when bombs were falling.
      For your info , there is a video clip of President Gamal Abdel Nadir laughing at Muslims demanding head gear for ladies. He was saying Islam did not demand such things. Sultan of Johore slapped on muslims across for criticising his daughter for not wearing tudung. Dont be a blind goat. Go n do your home work before lecturing.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay It doesn’t matter what the current trend is. It is written in the Quran that once a lady reaches puberty, she is encouraged to wear the hijab. It is God’s Will, not some politician! We worship God, not some bloody sultan or president! Go eat some beef! You needed the protein to grow some more brain cells!

    • Since AD 600 to now , you guyd couldnt finish reading one holy book n decide what must be worn ? Every arab country has its own dress code. Turkey dont enforce hijab. So was Syria.
      Now look at your reply n mine. You are just getting agitated n reacting very ugly. Why must I eat beef to correct your stupidity ? You throw pearl in front of a swine it still look for shit. Dont become n extremist. Learn to be a good n tolerant human. Muslims n intolerance is now becoming synonomous because of characters like you.

    • Sorry to interrupt..

      Speaking of Facts

      Those whom feel offended have shallow knowledge..

      Truly the Natives of this Land are Orang Javanese, Boyanese and Bugis..

      Indians and Chinese were immigrants to this Island..

      Do we know that the name of this Island from Temasek changed to Singapuram later known as Singapura by locals

      It is named after a Tamil Raja.. (Utaman Cholan)

      Before Islam was influence by Arab Merchants during the 15th century onwards every South East Asian were Hindu and Buddhist..

      Indian Cholan and Chinese Yin and Ming Dynasty traders came as early as 10th century..

      Know the history well before be defensive over something that is not our Ancestors Culture..

    • Mohan Sinnapillay How am I acting like a terrorist when I’m correcting what misinformation you are vomitting? Am I wrong to say Muslims worship The Almighty and not some politician or royal and therefore, should listen to the Big G and not a mere human?


    • Ridhuan Abdullah
      All we exchanged is there in open. I cant twist n turn. So you better reaf again with clear mind n without emotion n decide who reacted. I didnt vomit, spoke about other people’s eating habit or made disparaging remark on the Koran or Allah. My faith – Hinduism – only preach on universal values n no hatred taught against anyone not following us. We dont belief in ” Only we are best n rest are bad ” school of thought. Thats we abhor all killings not just cows.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay I’m an Indian and this is my choice of dress code. You are the one started this. No one is dragging religion here it was you. The issue is here now ladies is some work places are requesting. This is not trend, this is tradition which most ladies now wanted to follow. If it’s says as religious symbol, why some ladies uses cap after Thaipusam? Pls we all celebrated our 52 National Day!

    • Shaik Hafeez seriously? That narrative is old. Like real old. The natives of this country is the Orang Asli not Melayus. You can take your ass to the Malay Peninsular. Eh wait, Melayus aren’t indigenous there either.

      Don’t be a fuckin asshole.

      PS: Before you scream ‘Chinese Privilege, I’m Malay ok

    • Certain religion are certainly evidently more oppressive than others, and in their eyes and beliefs, only their rights should be protected and they think their religion overrides all…such shameless dictatorial and tyrannical beliefs have no place in our secular country!

    • Limited Knowledge and Shallow mindset leads to Discrimination which the Root cause of Wars

      Revert back to the Good Old Kampong Days..

      Where are all races lived as one big family with no Extremism Values of being My Religion and Your Religion..

      God is Universal and for everyone not specified individuals because HE created all of us..

      As long we do Good and be Non Violence to every living species. We rest assure will go to a Beautiful place after living this Body..

    • There is always a cause and effect to a problem. There won’t be argument n discrimination in this forum If our Gov make their stand firmly to only reserve this president to minority “Race” Malay only. All non-Malay candidates whom chose their “Religion” and called Chinese Muslim and Indian Muslim do not qualify at all. Period.

    • Let me get it this straight. So just bcus you see more ladies wearing the tudung in the early 90s, means it started since then? No actually regardless of the year upon reaching puberty a female needs to put on the tudung (but we can’t force them to if they refuse). My mum wears the tudung since her teens in the 70s. So does my aunts. You can’t deem something is not present just bcus you dont see them. You didn’t go around and knock on every muslims household right?

      Songkok. Songkok is optional thats why NO ONE here is asking for songkok to be accepted as part of the uniform so don’t get yourself confuse.

      Quoting the Saudi’ Crown Prince OPINION as a fact? Oh wow. And we didn’t request 100% Islamic lifestyle. Did we ask for Sharia Law?

      Also, the moment someone corrects you, you said the person is an extremist just bcus the person disagree with you? Huh?

      And here comes the opportunist SY Kong to throw cheapshots

    • I’m really sad. After 52 years of independence, after all these years of National Service and nation building, we still have people who gets suspicious of muslims and the way they live. We didn’t ask for ALL the ladies here to wear the hijab, only muslim ladies. I lost count on the number of people calling out my religion daily due to their irrational fear. So much for integration eh when ppl would rather make offensive remarks against muslims rather than getting information from the right channels.

    • It’s Oppressive. Some European states already started banning burka hajabs whatever you called it. Singapore is a secular state. It should start banning it as well.

    • Roy Alfie Lee I refer you to article 152 under minorities and special position of Malays which recognise them as the indigenous people of Singapore. Unless you re a bloody historian or a lawyer to challenge and change this. I would suggest you read it up. Lastly , no one gives a hoot if you re Chinese or alien. So mat, pls read it up.

    • Honestly, I am really feeling ashamed for being part of Malay’s community, majority of them will always making an attempt to lie with using British colonialism version of history just to champion non-historical Malay existence in Singapore.

      See the link how the late Lee Kuan Yew explain on article 152;

      The only way to find out about Malay is through archeology studies and findings, thus evidence found does not show any Malay existence in Singapore.

      “Malay” race is merely racial profiling by politician.

      See the link.

      The link provided below is showing historical artifact found in Singapore linked to India and Chinese only.


    • Dins Andy ur link from singstats does not bear reference or provides any evidence. And from your deduction, temenggong abdul Rahman in the history book must be either be Chinese or Indian……or maybe he s british

    • Shaik Hafeez

      Go and learn the meaning of “Historical”, “Artifact” and “Racial Profiling” first, otherwise you will never have a full understanding except collections of hearsay.

      Please do not argue for the sake of arguing, unless you have archeologist, anthropologist and historian evidence to support your claim.

      All the best to you!

    • Peace be upon you. For those who view the HIJAB as an issue, may I suggest you read and try to understand the Islamic values that was command by Allah almighty upon the Muslims. And for my fellow Muslim Brothers & Sisters, may I remind you, if the non believers wish to argue on this matter, after we had explain it to them. It is best we lay it to rest. They only have themselves to answer to Allah almighty on JUDGEMENT DAY.

  11. I want her to be our next President because of who she is as a person humble and straight forward, not because of her religion, which I have no objections. However, whoever our president is, he or she must represent a multi racial society, religion has to take a backseat. That’s the tenet of being a Singaporean. When religion encroaches into government, problems will inevitably arise.

    • Does human behavior get effected by a thin piece of cloth? or does a woman fate depended on a thin piece of cloth? how humorous and primitive it is if modern human still think in this way. It’s time to liberate your mindset from ancient constraints.

    • Singapore is a secular ruling country, Hijab as part of a religion outfit, should not be included into civil servant uniform. So far many people still confused with the issue. The government is not prohibiting the wearing a hijabs for civil servant.,it only emphasis that Hijab should not be part of a uniform for civil servants since it it secular.

    • Turbans can and turbans are part of faith. The thing is the West includes this, what’s the problem of the piece of cloth? To people it’s a piece of cloth, to us, it’s our faith, our dignity, our identity. What is the problem with that?

    • Good answer. so you are trying to tell me that If there is no dressing in this way, faith, dignities and identity will be gone and can’t be generated? or If people don’t dress in this way, they lose their faith completely or are different from you and the rest who follows?am I right to say so?

    • Nuns too dress up with her head covered, so why is this issue? Why is the issue of this dressing up things? We never ask or request that all women needs to wear head scarf and must not wear hot pants. What we want is this part of our uniform. Why people not happy with this, we did not ask you to wear, we are asking to let us wear what we want. You can’t tell a nun to move her head scarf or Singh to remove his turbans. Like how the turbans represent dignity, n the head scarf of a nun is devote the same is our hijab. Unless she pins up here and there that’s of course unacceptable. Just a slide on is enough.

    • Yes, people are still naked nowadays in the nude beaches. there is nothing wrong to be nude at appropriate places. it is how you are cultivated to perceive nudity, not a preoccupied mindset that naked is primitive or erotic.

  12. Before the 80s, there was no such thing as Hijab..

    For those who were living in the kampong days will know..

    The women only wore a shawl on top of their heads not Hijab

    My step grandmother was Javanese did not even wore Hijab then..

    Hijab has become a fashion trend among the ladies lately..

    Only in Middle East they are required to wear Hijab due to environmental and society purpose

    • Hijab is a must for a muslim lady . Speak not if you do not have knowledge about Islam .. keep your personal opinion and your family tradition to yourself and stop spreading fellacy ..

    • Roy Alfie Lee to simplify the explanation, hijab is a symbol of modesty, as explain in the Quran. Since muslims uses the quran to guide them in life, going against those teachings are usually frown upon. We are not extremists here, if a woman is not ready to wear the hijab or tudung, we don’t force them bcus at the end of the day, everyone is answerable to their own doings when they die.

      And Singapore’s muslims are very tolerant and flexible already. Our dear neighbour calls themself a secular country but bans the usage of certain words. Malay/Muslim looking people eating in the day during the fasting month will be arrested.

    • If a woman fails to adhere to the islamic way of dressing she is commiting sins. Simple. I dont want to sugar coat when it comea to the law if Allah. No one should force her to wear a hijab as she is accountable for her own sin but if a muslim has a wife or daughter or sister who does not cover up, he as a mahram or husband will share some portion of sin and hopefully Allah will forgive if she has the chance to repent . But there is a greater sin than not covering up which is when a person try to alter the law of Allah. If you are commiting a sin and knowing what you are doing is wrong you will be forgiven if you come back to Allah but if you made permissible what is not permissible by Allah or the vice versa, it is a major sin and you might to renew your shahadah.

    • Roy Alfie Lee like I said, we can’t exactly force people to behave a certain way. Wear hijab doesnt always mean modest altho the general idea that it is suppose to be that way. Like for example we have strict laws with regards to drug abuse but we can’t totally eliminate drug abuse right?

    • Zulaikha Ghazali – wearing a hajib is not a requirement in Islam, otherwise Malays in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have committed a sin for hundreds of years. Nobody wore hijabs when when I was a kid in the 70-80s. This hijab habit came only with the stern n austere Wahhabi teaching from that ultra hypocritical Saudi Arabia, pretending to be holier than thou but living a shockingly indulgent lifestyle behind closed doors.

    • wow i didn’t know that wearing hijab is not a requirement in Islam.can you quote me from where you make this claim?I find this both disturbing and intriguing

    • It all began from Arab influence to the rest of the world..

      Covering the hair is a form of modesty for Women in Arab and Middle East not fashion..

  13. I have no objection of ladies wearing hijab. I laugh at those trying imitate Arabs. Even for that it is not for me to object. Singapore is getting hotter. We should not be wearing winter clothing to be comfortable. Having said that, if people wants to feel uncomfortable what can I say.


  15. It is not d Malay traditional culture to wear dat…. Show me in all our historical fotos where Malay women fr d Malay Peninsular or old Singapura or Indonesia for dat matter who wore dat…. None….
    Women wore head scaves or selendang over their heads only whn they left their houses….. Other than dat their hair n sculp was free to breath in this hot n humid weather. This tudong only made it’s appearance aft d 80’s whn over righteous religious leaders started pushin women in this region to follow d Arabs in dressin…..
    Even d Crown Prince of Johor hv asked d Malay community to b proud of their traditional customs n cultures n STOP COPYING D ARABS!!!!!

  16. This is two completely different issue as Mdm Halimah is not in her uniform. Since Singapore is a secular ruling country, Hijab as part of a religion outfit, should not be included into civil servant uniform. So far many people still confused with the issue. The government is not prohibiting the wearing a hijabs for civil servant.,it only emphasis that Hijab should not be part of a uniform for civil servants.

    • Yah but to say it is “travesty” is going overboard. And isn’t that what some Malay rights champions have been clamouring about? If tudung is so problematic as a symbol in this upcoming PE, then the voters know what to do.

    • i dun think its about the tudung … more of her status in the Muslim community ..especially in her ward .. she is a big role model to a very large extent .. looked upon very high ..

      Although i find the word “travesty” is not the appropriate word to use .. too firm … or the writer want to put across a message what the community is feeling …

  17. Time to allow students to wear them in school too. If u are promoting a multi racial society. We should educate them since young. By not letting them wear it just shows we are not tolerant of other races…

  18. The issue is not merely about Hijab but Islam as a whole in Singapore. Every Singaporeans Muslim must be monitored through their Islamic leader.

    Can you imagine if old guard Singapore government fail to foresee potential problem ahead, our lives would’ve been Malaysia alike, so give thanks to them.

    The truth, Islamic faith demand more than just about Hijab, it is your blood in their hand unless you are ready to submit to Islam.

    So, in order to have a good effect on Singapore law and order, every religious organisation are placed under statutory boards so that PM/DPM/M. Law will always be kept informed of their activity.

    What does Islam really means?

    Islam means submission the root (verb istaslama (استسلاما); which means ‘to submit’ or ‘give in’ or ‘surrender’) — Lissan al-Arab Dictionary.

    As Muslim, you must obey Quran and Sunnah (action, deed, example) of Muhammad. So, for a start, follow this link to understand the true Islam.


    In today’s Islamic context, everyone must bow to Islam otherwise… follow this link to see the result.


    The more the reason, I do not favor Malay-Muslim to be our future Singapore Prime Minister and/or Deputy PM, not to mention to be President.

    And for Madam Halimah Yacob become auto-Malay race, I also disagree with government idea too.

    But nevertheless, if we go back to historical point, and since Halimah is better known as Indian, unfortunately she is a legitimate candidate for Presidency.

    Thank you.

  19. When I was growing up in SIngapore (from 1960’s to 1980’s), there were very few Muslim women who wore the hijab. I believe that the Singapore government prides itself as secular. Accordingly, with respect, I believe that for Singaporeans to elect a hijab clad President, may project a wrong message to the world.

  20. Rem, whites likes to play divide n conquer. Play race cards n media blasting baked news. We are not here to dragged into the racial rants but bring sinkies together to recreate a truly godly Singapore. I see sinkies only united in pokemon go. I saw the Kampong spirit while we raid the gym for legendaries. Sadly after which PPL just leave when they get what they want.

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