Why don’t WP MPs ask more questions in parliament? WP NCMP explains


Non Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) Leon Perera from the Workers’ Party (WP) has explained the reason for why MPs from the party do not ask more questions in Parliament.

In answering the question, Perera acknowledged that this is a question that has been asked by citizens more than once.

Perera attributed the WP’s perceived silence to the short duration of parliamentary sessions and the fact that there are 83 ruling party MPs and only 9 WP MPs and NCMPs.

He also cited the fact that questions that are permitted to be asked each day parliament convenes is capped at a quota of three oral questions and two written questions per day.

The NCMP said that these factors limit the number of questions the WP is able to ask in the House.

He also revealed five questions that he had filed to ask in parliament that remain unanswered from August, July and even as far back as April 2017:


  1. Yes, this sort of communication/explanation to the public particularly to party supporters is crucial so that there would not be misunderstanding about performance and the difficulties the minority party is facing in the parliament with too few the number of representatives from alternative parties.

  2. Don’t worry about it too much. Majority IQ are Low enough they can’t understand even if u explain it to them. Just like asking someone to perform a task but without giving him the authority to do so. ‍♂️ it’s that kind of dumb. ‍♂️

  3. That’s the way the ruling party to control the Parliament, even WP MP wants to asked more questions speaker of Parliament will stop them or put threatening words like your questions not admissible or not happy sue the government etc.

  4. The WP is clearly at a disadvantage given the majority held by the ruling party in parliament. What is puzzling is why is the WP not using social media tools like twitter, social media websites on a daily basis to keep Singaporeans informed of the going ons in parliament and the stand of the WP on key issues of the day? The WP need to step up to the political game and expose the ruling party shenanigans on a regular basis in a robust manner. The WP need to actively address and present their points of view on the multitude of social issues thru social media tools so that Singaporeans are adequately informed of the WP active involvement in checking the increasing arrogance and excesses of the government. The written word is a powerful tool if used with some smarts! Well informed Singaporeans are more likely to vote wisely!

  5. How about appointing one judge as Speaker of Parliament?
    Judge must be non-aligned with any political party.
    I dun think speaker of parliament must be member of majority party (PAP).

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