United We Stand, Divided We Fall

(PHOTO: Singaporean Student Association)

Letter to the editor

Decades ago, we embraced our diversity and we were together as one. The soccer players were a part of us.  Even today their names (even their nick names) ring :  Quah Kim Song, Dollah Kassim, captain, Samad Ali Pitchay (Indian-Malay).  For their passion and their commitment.  They played their hearts out for the game and for the country.  We supported, we cheered, we filled the stadium.  See the wave, hear the roar.  We were one.

Seniors remember the proposed tweak to our I/Cs.  Delete Race, replace with Nationality.  Singapore. Yes, we have gone this far.

Sadly, today, we are being divided.  First, we were told we need to have GRCs.  Yesterday, on the importance of minority representation for President.  Tomorrow, we tweak the Presidency, because of mixed marriages, or, return to ceremonial role.  It is a rubber stamp Parliament. Sukasuka.

While the young may be ambivalent, the seniors are deeply disappointed, evident by the turnout at the Silent Protest and the responses on social media.  Seniors, and the 40+s are frustrated by the present state of affairs, disillusioned by our senior ministers and the 3rd generation leaders.

The undoing of One People, One Nation, One Singapore is yours, and yours alone.

Majullah Singapura!

Jarius Lau

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    • Very true. We need to destroy them before they destroy us. Next election is time to save yourself and singapore. Correct the wrong most people did during the last election.

  1. Don’t bother with these small issues that they created. Just don’t read it. We, with God’s Blessings will always stay United As One.
    Satans! Remember this!

    • Ethan Wang Then they are praying to the wrong God.
      Why does CH ( forgot their names) misuse church’s funds?
      God asked them to do it?
      There are always Evil People using Religion as a Front.
      There are people going to churches, temples, masjid,etc.
      But it’s just for “show.”
      Nothing can escape from God.
      I have got punished by God.
      I have been blessed by God.
      I have seen people receiving their well rewarded Bad Karmas.
      That is why I believe in God.

    • Jasen Lee what if you are worshipping the wrong God all along? How do you know that you are not, yourself, deceived by the False God. It is a 50/50 probability.

    • Ethan Wang I know myself as there are many things I cannot say.
      The God that I am praying teaches me the Correct Way Of Life. To be Kind, Respect, Filial, Not To Cheat Or Lie, etc.
      I am very very sure.

  2. Seniors like us have done our part to the best of our ability to build up the Singapore that is today. Come next elections, the new generation will get what they deserve. At the moment, PAP is still our best Political resource. Throwing them out is not the solution to the heartache now. Clip sufficient feathers from their wings. It may result in some turmoil. But Justice and orderliness will be the final outcome of turbulence.

    • We have echo the sentiments of many seniors. The principle, he who benefits from the system, votes in the same. The reality, 14 years after LKY, we are increasingly uncomfortable. Things are not what they should be. Though not for millennials and the young adults, who see change for its sake. Of late, listen to and see the workings of the six ((five) mandarins. Conclusion : much of the same to come. That’s the lingering fear. One answer, the opposition. However, it’s one party too many, fractured, little impact. Meet, debate, fire up, agree on manifasto. Chee Soon Juan, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Lim Tean, Paul Tambyah, each can live a comfortable life, a man on his own. Have chosen to serve, sacrifice for his country. Salute them (+ others). Winners are bred (for race, $) true leaders are born.

  3. Fallen due to the division of our Monies. Maximising Profits to themselves, Self Eccentric Ego, Power to control all etc.
    The Greed’s, Indulgences seems Pleasurable to these Elitelism of Sporeans being Servitude to The G.

  4. The daft 70% has mistaken the “WE” to include them but stupidity know no end ! They never get to know that word “WE” was referring to the “Majestic WE” which exclude them the 70% die hard zombie supporters!!! Guess they are still in deep slumber being them !!!

  5. 分而治之,逐个击破。divide and govern, break one by one. Hasn’t china had one of this as perennial warning? Only that Lhl has used this in a cynical manner – telling us that we are always divided and he could manage the divisions. Bu in fact he is the one who sowed suspicion between us. We will do well to heed the millenniums-old warning.

  6. We have never,never had a Real Crisis to test ourselves so far…thank The Heavens for that !! Hong Lim protests,occasional MRT breakdowns,some flooding in the tunnels etc…already a big hue and cry!!! If we get HIT like the fires in California,problems in Maravi, Rohingya,Hurricane in the Caribbean, Texas,typhoons,tsunami…again thank the Heavens we have been spared ….so far !! ( Don’t push your luck be grateful )

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