Too bad Roy Ngerng isn’t one of PM Lee’s siblings


In addressing the accusations of his siblings in Parliament today, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that he lifted the Whip to allow his People’s Action Party (PAP) MPs to robustly question him because the issue at hand was that of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy; and that the late Mr Lee’s legacy is Singapore and the values Singaporeans hold.

He acknowledged that the allegations by his siblings challenge the values of a cohesive, multi-racial, meritocratic, fair and just society, where the same rules apply to everybody. He emphasised that whoever you are, you are not above the law.

“The legacy of Mr Lee is much more than an old house. Mr Lee’s legacy is Singapore and the values that we uphold.
We have built something special in Singapore. A cohesive, multi-racial, meritocratic society. A fair and just society, where the same rules apply to everybody. Whether you are a Minister, or an ordinary citizen. Whether you are the Prime Minister, or the children of the founding Prime Minister. You are not above the law.
My colleagues and I are in politics and in government, to fight to uphold this legacy to keep Singapore successful.” – PM Lee

But PM Lee seemed to contradict himself that no one is above the law when he had to address questions as to why he has not sued his siblings for defamation over their accusations.

He said that he would sue anyone who had made such grave attacks on him, but that suing his siblings was not his preferred choice for the sake of his parents.

“In normal circumstances, in fact, in any other imaginable circumstance but this, I would surely sue… But suing my own brother and sister in court would further besmirch my parents’ names.” – PM Lee

PM Lee has sued several over the years for defamation – the latest being Roy Ngerng in 2015. Responding to reports that PM Lee would not be suing his siblings over the serious allegations that they made, one Facebook page said: “Too bad Roy Ngerng is not one of PM Lee’s siblings”.

Roy Ngerng was sued by PM Lee for defamation in 2015. Too bad he isn't a sibling of PM Lee…

Posted by We want Minister Grace Fu to resign on Monday, 3 July 2017


  1. No body should be sued. Period. Roy or siblings!

    Independent committee must be set up to look into allegation of Roy and the sibling, which is the abused of power.

  2. 1. He doesn’t believe in “rule of law” and that the courts are able to deliver justice

    2. His family is above the law. His family is special, everybody else deserves to be punished.

    3. Apparently, allegations of abuse of power is not so damaging to the gahmen as he had claimed since it does not have to be challenged in court. The allegations are allowed to just lingered there, as long as those allegations are made by Natural Aristocrats.

    It’s not about how damaging the allegations are or even what are the allegations, but about who made them.

  3. Then return Roy’s money from the lawsuit….to be fair..
    If LHL doesnt sue someone with more serious allegations, why wont he let Roy off too ?

  4. Perhaps opening further and digging deeper into a can of worms…

    And knowing one or two, perhaps, who could afford to fight back, toe to toe.

    Only cowards and bullies will pick on others without the current means to defend themselves.

  5. As a leader, going back on your own words is a big no no. If a leader can prata like that who dares to invest here, who dares to stay here. When the consequence of the same action differs according to his mood. As a leader you thot such inaction is be coz you want to seen as a good siblings but flip the coin you have disgraced our country and sending signals to other countries that the leader is a clown and a laughing stock. Talk big lah, sue pple until damn song right. Now it is coming back to bite you. Heard of karma before?

  6. He is not courageous enough to sue his siblings, to prevent opening the Pandora’s box, which might reveal more skeletons in the closet. When a ruler refuses to admit to abuses of power, he retreats to a shadowdy corner of cowardice !

  7. What an INJUSTICE TO ROY, you shld reimburse all monies paid by Roy to you and make a formal apology if you choose not to sue yr siblings ? What f@#$ natural aristocracy u talking abt !!!

  8. bully1
    a person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

    use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something.

  9. Double-Standard. In social media, the world is looking at us and our PM just behave like a . His parents is parents, all other Singaporean (commoners like us), our parents are not parents.

  10. If what LHL said that he won’t sue his sibilings so in future if we were to quote that LHY THAT LHL ABUSE HIS POWER ARE WE AS NORMAL CITIZEN OF SINGAPORE NON SIBILINGS OF LHL LIABLE OF A COURT CASE?

  11. LHL bo lampah to sue. If he sue, his siblings will show tell all his dirty secrets to public and confirm he has to step down. Prove us otherwise; he dare – sue his siblings.

  12. If I were Roy i would find out whether based on this new evidence, he can appeal the last decision? As a layman, i feel if PM’s own siblings are making similar accusations, surely Roy’s case should be reheard.

  13. Is he effectively saying, on the one hand, Rule of Law is a crucial pillar for Singapore, and on the other hand, he is in effect saying I will not pursue Rule of Law ?

  14. @ Yeow H Tan: Roy’s livelihood was destroyed. It will be a nice gesture if money paid by Roy was returned and the whole matter considered Resolved with No Further Payment or action required. PM LHL, You are a truly mean and petty man. Anyway, what is the position of our CPF? It is NOT our own money? Then, whose money is it???

  15. He said he chose not to sue for sake of his parents. That’s just a cover to draw attention away from the fact that there must be truth in what his siblings said. Else he should be brave and impartial and sue to proof his innocence. Else he is just plain DISHONORABLE and should step down immediately. Shameless piece of crap!

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