Taxi drivers: The most bizarre rides


By Phyllis Lee

Taxi drivers work long and irregular shifts, often covering night shifts to earn more money. Despite their service, we always hear of commuters airing their unpleasant cabbing experiences. But has anyone ever stopped to think about the drivers’ point of view?

In a post on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook public group this morning, netizen Alan Tan shared an incident that he went through six years ago as a newbie taxi driver.

His post caught the eyes of many, who in turn started sharing their own peculiar experiences as a taxi driver. From encountering accidents in desolated roads to meeting unreasonable passengers, this community of drivers has seen it all.

Of course, there have been plenty of commendable passengers whom drivers have come across.

In fact, one of such passengers even joined in the discussion and shared his own experience with an equally good-hearted driver.

What about you? What was your most eccentric cabbing experience?


  1. The moment when you choose a profession , ESP the service line well it is as good as saying customers are always right else … you won’t go far in this line . Hence you can sob until
    the fat lady sings but that’s the nature of service line be it whether you are nurse , policeman , sales personnel or cabby .

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