Featured News Taiwanese woman warns others of Singaporean love cheat

Taiwanese woman warns others of Singaporean love cheat




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A Taiwanese woman told Chinese daily paper Lianhe Wanbao that a man who claimed to be a Singaporean medical graduate turned out to be a love cheat who conned not only her, but several other women. She met the man on Tinder and had a relationship with him for a few months, only to come to a rude awakening.

The 24-year-old woman, simply identified as Ms. Li, met the man on the dating app Tinder in March, 2018. She was working in the Philippines at that time. The man told her that he had studied medicine at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), but was currently trading Bitcoin, since he decided not to pursue medicine.

The man had also played professional poker in the Philippines, and even flew in to Manila to be with her in April.

They dated for several months, and the woman says that she even lost her virginity to him, since she trusted him and believed that he had real feelings for her. She said, “He even convinced me not to use protective measures.”

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In June, their relationship took a sour turn when she received a private message on Facebook from a Korean woman who said she was the man’s girlfriend. Ms. Lin woke up to the fact that her boyfriend was a love cheat.

The Korean woman, a flight stewardess, said to Ms. Lin that she had been in a relationship with the man for over a year and had in fact been living with him, and that on June 22 she had gone to Singapore to look for him.

The stewardess discovered that he was also dating Ms. Lim upon seeing her messages on his phone. The two women talked for a long time and Ms. Lin uncovered the many lies that her boyfriend had told her.

The Korean woman has since broken off relationships with the man.

She proceeded to reach out to the man’s lady friends on his Instagram account and discovered from them that more than one of them had also had relationships with him.

Ms. Lin asked that her story become somewhat of a cautionary tale to other young women, and appealed to them to act rationally and not be conned by love cheats.

Some netizens said that this was no surprise, as she had met the man on Tinder after all

Others told Ms. Lin not to be so naive

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