Slight haze in Singapore due to accumulation of particles


Haze hit Singapore overnight with a PSI or 61-94 in the morning according to a facebook post of the National Environment Agency (NEA).

The posting said the 24-hr PSI was in the high end of the Moderate range.

But it said the haziness was due to the accumulation of particulate matter under light wind conditions instead of peat fire from Indonesia.

It said based on the latest satellite images, there were no significant hotspots or smoke haze detected in the nearby region.

The hazy conditions have cleared due to the passage of a Sumatra squall this morning which brought widespread rain to the island.

The ‘People’s Movement to Stop Haze’ (PMSH) post on Facebook said air quality deteriorated on Thursday.

The posting from PMSH negligible fire hotspots was observed in Riau in the past 72 hours on Thursday, which makes Indonesia unlikely to be the source of the bad air.