Home News Singaporean homeowner's glass bathroom door suddenly cracks and explodes

Singaporean homeowner’s glass bathroom door suddenly cracks and explodes




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A Singaporean homeowner, Oniatta Effendi, appealed for help to urgently find a contractor online yesterday after her glass bathroom door suddenly cracked in front of her eyes and apparently exploded.

Oniatta Рwho is married to noted socio-political commentator Nizam Ismail, who formerly served as director of the Association of Malay Professionals Рwrote online that when she called her contractor for help, she was only met with laughter:

“I need help. My toilet door that is made of glass suddenly exploded today. I was seated on my bed and I saw it starting to crack.
“Stupid contractor laughed when I called for help and I have asked the Reno company for help but they tell me they are stuck and have no one to come resolve this. Stupid.
“Can someone PLEASE send me some help now? If this falls on me or the kids, I am gonna so gonna sue the damn company!!!”

Oniatta later updated that she managed to find a contractor who removed the bathroom door completely:


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This is not the first time glass bathroom doors have inexplicably shattered in Singapore. Several homeowners and even children have been injured in glass-door related injuries after poorly treated glass doors have suddenly cracked and shattered.

In 2014, a young girl suffered numerous cuts after the glass bathroom door in her home shattered while she was close by. Other such cases of exploding glass doors causing injuries have been reported in the news almost every year since that case:

The case in 2014

Another case at a premium development unit in 2015

Experts say that there is a misconception that glass doors with safety film applied over it translates to safety glass, which is simply not true. Poor quality glass doors or improperly treated glass can still cut through the safety film and cause injuries.


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