Singaporean among those busted by police at swingers sex party in Thailand hotel


A Singaporean man was one of 25 individuals who were detained last Saturday for participating in a swingers sex party in South Pattaya, Thailand.

14 women and 11 men were detained when police conducted a raid on the Ban Tulip Hotel close to midnight and found the group naked and performing sexual activities in a ground floor room. The hotel operator, a 53-year-old Chinese national, was apprehended for illegally facilitating sexual activities and violating the Hotel Act.

Besides the Singaporean, other participants were from various countries like Thailand, the United States of America, Canada, China, Germany, , Cambodia, India, Ukraine, and neighbouring Malaysia. According to a local official, the participants had paid 1500 baht or S$62 in admission fees via a website.


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  1. Seriously the thai police should go catch thieves, rapists, drug traffickers, gangsters etc instead of these people. They are just having fun & none carry any weapons ( nothing at all matter of fact ) or pose any dangers to anyone. They are in the room. Easy job?

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