Siblings paint picture of PM Lee as anything but caring older brother


In closing the 2-day parliamentary debate on the Oxley Road feud, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong teared up as he recalled his father’s wish for him to take care of his siblings in his place.

He added that he did not expect tensions between the siblings to enfold so explosively and said that he hopes he can reconcile with them in the future:

“When I was about 13, my father had told me, ‘If anything happens to me, please take care of you mother, your younger sister and brother.’
“Singapore was then part of Malaysia and we were in a fierce fight with the central government and the communalists. My father didn’t tell me but he knew his life was in danger.
“Fortunately, nothing happened to my father then. He brought up the family and I thought we had a happy family and he lived a long, full life.
“Little did I expect that after my parents died, these tensions would erupt with such grievous consequences – and after so many years, I will be unable to fulfill the role which my father hoped I would.
“So I hope, one day, these passions will subside and we can begin to reconcile.”

WATCH: PM Lee Hsien Loong tears up in Parliament recounting how his father told him to take care of the family.RECAP:

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, 4 July 2017

In their latest post discussing the integrity of PM Lee however, the younger sister and brother of PM Lee painted a picture of him which was at odds with that of a caring older brother who took to heart his father’s instructions to him to take care of his younger siblings.

“Lee Hsien Loong wears two faces” – LWL & LHL reinforce allegations and offer ceasefire

The siblings claimed that sometime after their father’s death in 2015, PM Lee became very angry when he found out that their father left his sister an unfettered right to live at the Oxley Road house, and that he stopped speaking to them after shouting and intimidating them over their father’s decision. PM Lee engaged a lawyer to communicate with his siblings from then on.

The siblings’ post further suggested that they were in pain that at the first Chinese New Year reunion after their father’s death, their elder brother invited all relatives except them.

According to the Chinese custom, PM Lee being the oldest and most senior member of their family, would have become the main root of the family after their father’s death. And the reunion dinner is a tradition where every family member is expected to do his best to return to the family home for the dinner.


  1. I could be wrong! But so far the picture seems to be showing a flip flop, double face, double talk and double role rolled into one (big bro and country head) who is doing some moon walks all over in the outer space……….

  2. Fifty years ago. That was a very long time. The big brother and his siblings were all kids. If the father told the big brother, then, to take care of his siblings, he would have meant that when they were still kids and the period of confrontation meant anything could happen to the family.

    If he had meant that he should take good care of them when they were all adults, he should have uttered it closer to present time. This implies that closer to present time the father did not say anything resembling what he was claimed to have spoken 50 years ago.

    • LKY told LHL that when he was 13. But he forgot to reinforce it as the children grew. So slowly that message might have gone into oblivion or overtake by other priotities.

  3. whats so unbelievable? there are lots of these FOOkers around, respected coz of false respect and position and $$$. look good on outside rotten to the FOOking core inside.

  4. Now LHL is in sixties. What happened at 13 when LKY instructed to take care of his siblings was half century ago…and he could have changed over the year . I believe the 2 siblings …because they were low key even when their parents were alive. Something must have happened to make them reveal the true LHL.

  5. He cried in Parliament. But he cut off all ties with his siblings after the reading of the will. He invited all relatives to his CNY celebration except his younger brother and sister. He refused their approaches for reconciliation. He communicated with them thru his lawyer. What kind of a brother is that. What kind of a human being is that ? If Lee Kuan Yew is alive, he would have been ashamed of Lee Hsien Loong and most likely disowned him as well. Unfit to lead Singapore.

  6. What kind of brother forces the younger sister to shift out of the House that she stayed her entire life.. Aiyo… For goodness sake.. She took care of their aged father till his dying days just let her stay in the house la..

  7. We should really leave them alone. Family disputes are hugely complex n multilayered. Two people can witness the same event n come away from completely different accounts. Leave them be.

  8. Talking and saying….is 2 different things….most importantly….does these words he utter comes from his heart…or just a drama to gain sympathy….action speaks louder than words….don’t be fool….

    • On eve GE2011, Loong promise on TV media to take care of all citizens, he added a strong statement “including the singles”
      Look at his HDB policies, ” Singles cannot but 3 room flat! A small flat with 2 rooms has stopped when LKY want Singaporeans to upgrade to 4 room flat

  9. If have think of father words then no need to wash liner n wast time and tax money in Public .
    so unwise of you can’t even handler sibling wana run country . step down please now .

  10. Leon Keith

    Knn, sibeh sia suay.
    This type of story also must shared international?
    Which parents doesn’t informed the older child to take of the younger one if something gone wrong to them?
    This is part of the job if you’re older child in the family.
    Wa…this CB kia the more he talk the more I believe what his brother LHY claims about him were very truth.
    Very cunning, calculation and petty.
    Pls step down before the whole country being destroyed by you even further!

  11. Anger is usually provoked.
    Is all anger wrong, or a sin?
    Ephesians 4:26 says: “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:”
    This verse tells us that there is a kind of anger that is not sin. We are also told that we are not to let the sun go down upon our wrath, or anger.

  12. Lhl caring? – my foot!!!!
    Just look at the situation in Singapore now..
    1. thousands of Singaporeans are jobless, he brought in 3rd migrates to steal our careers, jobs, spaces, places in schools,
    2. sponsor foreigners than local students in unis.
    3.mrt breakdown, lift breakdown even killing some elderly.
    4. workers wages are suppressed,
    5. High cost of living,
    6. water hike,
    7.transport hike,
    8. town council fees up,
    9.cpf lock up!
    10. Elderly are now collecting cardboard boxes, and rummaging dustbins for empty tin cans to sell, just for a few cents, just to put food on the table.
    11. Elderly are clearing tables, its a backbreaking job for them,
    12. Superpowers are avoiding Singapore due to growing unhappiness due to the current useless goverment.
    ….who the bloody idiots who says lhl is caring, come and let me slap your bloody face if you have not realized the plight we are, in his hands now!

  13. July 7 Supernatural Encounter Of Breakthrough

    Ephesians 4:31-32
    Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

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