School teachers may have to pay to park in schools


Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao reported yesterday that the Ministry of Education (MOE) may soon require teachers to pay to park in the schools that they teach in.

MOE charges, like all other public service organisations, charge fees for those that park at its offices, but parking is free for school staff at the primary secondary schools, and the junior colleges.

But the Ministry has been studying the fee-free parking in schools since last year, and may soon review the rule which restricts parking in schools to only its staff.

The Auditor-General Office’s (AGO) last year flagged the Institute of Technical Education and two polytechnics for not imposing parking charges, or charging below market rate, for use of their car parks.

The AGO report did not highlight our public schools for such lapses.

It is puzzling why MOE is considering if it should continue to allow school staff to park for free in the public schools that they work-in when MPs have reportedly parked at ‘authorised use only’ space to go for their walkabouts.

And have also stopped enforcement officers from issuing summons on roads where their car is parked illegally.