Post praising Lee Hsien Yang and his wife’s humility trending


An account by netizen Dennis Lim where he praised Lee Hsien Yang and his wife Suet Fern for their humbleness has been trending since it was posted on Facebook today.

In his post, Lim recounts how the first thing Lee Hsien Yang did when he arrived at the opening ceremony of Suet Fern’s law firm, Stamford Law Corporation, was to take the food and personally offer it to the workers who were completing renovation works, inviting them to join the celebration and help themselves to more food.

When the workers were shy to accept and when the other guests appeared stunned, Lee apparently insisted that the workers eat, telling the others that the workers are guests as well.

Lim also recounted that he did not know that Suet Fern was Lee’s wife as she frequently visited the workers during the renovations and even ran down to buy food for workers working late several times.

In ending his post, Lim shared his support for the couple who are embroiled in a public dispute with Lee’s elder brother, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, over their family home 38 Oxley Road.

“The day your wife law firm Stamford law corporation open ceremony. Guest came in and get started with the celebration. U came in took off your coat and first thing u did was grab the food, for the workers that are still trying to struggle and complete the tail end work. And even invited the workers in to help themselves with the food. And told them it’s ok when they are too shy and dirty to get in. U insisted. Your guests looks stunted and u told guests, these workers are guest too. Before this I didn’t even know she was your wife and she has been coming in during renovation and many a times ran down to buy food for the workers that has stayed late for to work. We feel it in the heart. I respect u & your wife and trust u guys, stay strong.”


  1. That’s being compassionate towards workers who are in your employ, not under direct employment but providing their service to you or your wife’s business entity. In local Hokkien patios : eh-hiao choh-lang.

  2. Still remember back then during my teenage years. Was working at raffles hotel and we do banquet at his then singtel office. Once event was over he stayed back talk to us and gave ang pao. He’s a nice guy to talk to.

  3. Lee Hsien Yang is forthringht in what he said without hint of hypocrisy. I believe many Singaporeans are smart to judge for themselves the verdict on the arguments thus far. There is no need to look far for the answers to conclude the saga. The truth of the matter play out in this episode is clear on the minds of everybody.

  4. LHY and LSF both of you got a great heart for humanity and I am sure both of you will give Singaporeans your whole heart if both of you are serving the nation! Feeling loved by what both of you are doing!

  5. Whore Jinx Also Offer Food To Her Son Classmate. Every Saturday. All The Classmate Go To Her House. Just Help Her Son To Do School Homework Lah……

  6. He was my CO in 46SAR. botak, friendly, and very low key. Once I even mistook him for a recruit and did not salute him. But he just smiled and went on his way, and my IC asked WTF was I doing. 🙂 I hope people realise that whatever the difference of opinion amongst the siblings, they are all doing it not for selfish reasons. There is no need to tar and feather one because we agree with the other.

  7. Haiya…you Independent FB site, you oppose the Govt ALL the time even though they’ve done many good things for this country. If LHY & Wife are in good relations with his Brother like normal siblings, you’ll be talking bad about LHY & Wife. Crap la most of your postings Pls LEAVE Singapore

  8. Suppose Im just saying suppose… This is all made up as a plan to save the troubling Pap. All siblings decided to put up a show and go against each other, so that the votes are divided between the two brothers, isn’t it a master plan?

  9. In the event that Dr Tan Cheng Bock is disqualified for the coming presidential election, I hope he and Mr Lee H Y would form teams with high calibre people to contest in the
    next GE @ 2019. Wrestle in those powerful GRCs held by the ruling Party.

  10. Yes I agree with Mr Lim, I was LHY runner during my NS days 1992-1993. He was the commander of HQ2SIB Changi then. To me LHY was a down to earth and humble person. Unlike some other officers who has many different demands and request. His usual drink in his office was a simple ice cold glass of water. I didn’t have to rinse his running clothes after his morning runs nor wash his personal stuff or run errands for his private matters, unlike what I heard from other runners from my batch. During our Taiwan field exercise for 9 days, his meals was again simple, Taiwan instant noodles and combat rations, like what the HQ troops like me and other lower ranks would eat. Noodles alternating with tulip canned sausages, and Campbell cream of mushroom soup, all prepared in mess tin and served to him. He didn’t once complain how the food was cooked or tasted. When HQ Encik gave LHY a list of items for the Taiwan exercise, which included hot water flask, metal bunk bed, mattress and pillow, GS table and chairs for his sleeping tent. He told me to inform Encik not to bring all those into the field, all he wanted was the usual SAF safari bed and he brought his own sleeping bag, which he used during the entire 9 days. A practical man, who doesn’t need a entourage to follow him during reconnaissance trips and actual exercise, if he doesn’t need a signaller or any officer, he will tell them to stay back, he takes only what he needs, unlike some officers. I have also been told by other NS men quite a few times that LHY even open and hold the doors for lower ranks when they enter into the exercise planning rooms, as well as him greeting them even before others can greet him when walking along the corridors in camp. Didn’t intend to share my thoughts, but after reading Mr Lim and what others have posted, i thought I share. I don’t think he LHY has change much, and I Respect him.

  11. i was at SP for a seminar and he was the speaker. when he arrived, everyone stood up and clapped to welcome him. he however, told everyone to sit down and not treat him as a vip. he said he is just an ordinary person invited to share something he knew. I was impressed.

  12. What is true genuine humility?

    With others, or should it be with one’s families, siblings and relatives, having no grudges, resentment, dissatisfaction as the base?

  13. Many years ago I travelled back to Singapore from Paris and LHY and his wife were on the same flight. At the CDG airport duty-free in Paris they were in the same boutique where I was doing some shopping and I overheard him tell his wife that he needed to look for a present for ‘mama’, I thought to myself how sweet that was.

  14. Met and talk to LHY before, down to earth guy. He should be our PM, he will think of Singaporean first. Unlike the dishonourable son cunning and sly always think for himself first.

  15. When I was in Armour, I was told LHY having no TV at home, for better education for his children. And he kept coming back to Armour joining us for running even he became BG. Well like by us Armour guys.

  16. He is PM and President quality. Unlike some useless and brainless fools that don’t deserve the salaries they think they deserve and have been conveniently accustomed to receiving.

    • Like to add, after watching the parliamentary session, quite disappointed with the quality of the Minister, and their MPs,looks like there’s real shortage of quality.

  17. So much difference between the two brothers one the power has gone to his head and surrounded by a well trained and well fed pack that has lack of depth and consciensience – but in for the fats at the expense of the people – but then 70% put them there

  18. Omg, the comments here will surely cause LHL another fainting attack! Next thing you guys will see in FB will be boot lickers writing about their big balls! Worshipping him like God! Shedding crocodile tears and telling us what his late daddy wants him to do, if so, he had neither fulfilled any ie. fulfil his last wish and taking care of his siblings!

  19. Ultimately, if i have the British Queen as a mother, with all the rich life and power and dignity, would i need to be a gangster, rowdy, work like mad to pay for the house, bills, etc….guys think about it. Such a good an great guy, cannot tell his father, the former PM, who is not born in Singapore, that our wages are too low, the health and medical cost is high, educational stress, transport and utilities are expensive, housing cost is high, country over crowded, there are many needy and poor singaporeans still around, CPF to be released, etc….but now today the “kind” person does not use the law the courts but FB to down his brother and make us fools? He was already born rich and knew that he will be well taken care in schools, NS and work life. The siblings do not have to work. What contributions they gave to the country, name just one!

  20. Many years ago, when I was working at the airport handling arrival and departure flights, I remember that he refused any sort of escorts to assist him and his family down to arrivals and baggage claims, even though the chief purser of Singapore Airlines insisted. Instead, he walked on his own, holding hands with his family and I thought to myself that he must be a humble guy. Not like his brother.

    • His brother had to get all that treatment because he’s PM lah dei. It’s not a choice to reject bodyguards when you’re the PM. You think folks like Obama and LHL enjoy being crowded upon like how you see in public. LHY is not a PM, he can decline all the attention because it’s not mandatory for him. LHL is the leader of Singapore. Government die2 have to protect him even if he doesn’t want it.

    • Faizal Pahmee, you’re way off point. First of all, I didnt say about his brother rejecting bodyguards or declining attention. It’s about being humble. Why kick up such a fuss here under my post when you fail to see the word humble.

  21. No worries…. I believe everything he has said! The truth will prevail. Greed of money n power will be the cause the person downfall. History has repeated itself many times!!!

  22. I have heard his house doesn’t have a TV even he can afford to have one as he stayed in the Private Property near previous MediaCorp. I remembered when he was still a CEO of Singtel in the 90s, my phone was stolen and was slapped with a $400plus phone bill by the culprit. I wrote to him and he waived off 30% of my phone bill. Although not full but it helps. I salute! Please press on!

  23. Happiness and Contentment – are they the same?
    Posted on February 28, 2016 by tankoktim

    “Contentment a part of happiness”

    In her commentary (“More to life than the pursuit of happiness”; last Sunday), Dr Lee Wei Ling says that all she asks for “is calmness and contentment”. [Please see her letter below].

    To me, contentment is part of happiness.

    I remember a conversation I had with an elderly man at a Sydney flea market many years ago.

    He told me that all his life, he had never sought happiness.

    I commented that in that case, he must have been seeking unhappiness, to which he replied in the affirmative.

    I asked him whether he would be unhappy if he found out that he had lost his wallet. He replied: “No”.

    I next asked whether he would be unhappy if he returned home to find that his house had been burgled. He hesitated.

    Before he could reply, I asked the third question.

    I asked whether he would be unhappy if he returned home to find that his house had been burned to ashes.

    He kept silent and was visibly stunned.

    After a few minutes of deep thought and silence, he turned around, tapped my shoulder before I could walk off and said: “Well, young man, I owe you a drink. You got me there.”

    I clarified my point to him, which was that when one could feel unhappiness about a loss, like one’s house being burned to the ground, it proved that the person had unknowingly been seeking happiness, not unhappiness.

    It is concrete proof that all of us have been seeking happiness secretly, as it is etched deep inside our being, deeper than the mind.

    It is a mental deception for us to think or believe otherwise.

    All humans seek happiness, comfort and contentment from the minute we are born, and will continue to do so until our last breath. No one can deny this.


    Dr Lee seeks contentment rather than happiness.

    The irony is that in seeking contentment, some of us create unhappiness for others.

    Will that be true contentment, or a selfish one?


    More to life than the pursuit of happiness

    by Lee Wei Ling
    Feb 21, 2016 in Sunday Times

    I was working on my BlackBerry when an e-mail from my sister-in-law’s sister slipped in unnoticed last Saturday. I spotted it only when I stopped for a break a few hours later. She wrote: “Am writing to see if you can help a four-year-old girl.

    “She has been falling and vomiting for the past one month or so. Her left eyeball has moved to the inner side of her eye. Her speech has become slurred and she drools. I saw the girl two weeks ago. Her condition has become worse today.”

    To me, those symptoms are big red flags waving right in front of my eyes. This girl almost certainly has a brain tumour. I arranged for my neurosurgeon colleague to see her that night at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. A CT scan showed a brainstem glioma – an invariably fatal condition. She has only 12 to 18 months to live.

    Her parents had gone through a bad patch financially four years ago and the family almost broke up. The birth of this child brought them back together. She is a naturally cheerful, chatty and lovable kid. So, this has hit them hard.

    Indeed, the doctors who know about this unfortunate girl all feel extremely sorry for her and her family. But it is not uncommon for clinicians to see these misfortunes. They are also not immune from personal hardships.

    Happiness, in whatever form one sees it, becomes more elusive the harder one tries to pursue it. That’s why my personal aim is much more realistic: All I ask for is calmness and contentment. These at least are partially within my control.

    The neurosurgeon who saw her in KKH that night had a baby born in 1992 with Down syndrome. Over the years, they have come to terms with the condition of their mentally handicapped but good-natured and loving son. The young man represented Singapore at the Special Olympics for those with intellectual disabilities and won two gold medals in the swimming competition. He is also gainfully employed and works at the National University Hospital as a porter. He is happy to say: “My father works in a hospital and so do I.”

    Both parents have done all that they can do to help him develop. I think they have done a good job, and I admire them for so calmly accepting what most people would consider a setback and a lifelong burden. Their faith in the Christian God helped them not only come to terms with the situation but also to love and take pride in the achievements of their mentally challenged son.

    How would I, an atheist, cope with misfortune?

    My emotional response would depend on how I view this situation. I could consider the glass being half full rather than half empty. For example, be grateful when a child with Down syndrome is very good-hearted and lovable, and take pleasure in his achievements whatever their form. This is what Stoic philosophy would teach us. This was eloquently phrased in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, If: “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same.”

    The way I was brought up, the pursuit of happiness was never an activity that we engaged in. That does not mean we grew up miserable. Getting injections and going for dental treatment without making a fuss or crying earned Mama’s praise and that was happiness enough. Perhaps my Hakka toughness is the result of a Hokkien mother who wanted her children to grow up resilient and stoic.

    Helping my classmate with his studies because the teacher was going too fast in class also gave me a sense of happiness which is doubled when he does well in the exam. Yet, I am aware that the final arbiter of success is how he copes in society as an adult: what job can he do and will he do it?

    In the United States Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson, with minor amendments by Benjamin Franklin, is this line:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    The above events, however, have caused me to ponder whether it is wise for us to consider the pursuit of happiness an inalienable right. The four-year-old girl’s fate still weighs heavy on my mind and serves as another example to myself that it is simply not easy to be happy.

    I am by nature a restless person and feel the need to be gainfully occupied even on my own time, whether exercising or learning something new, like the characteristics of the cathedral we toured. Perhaps, that is a genetic trait. In the long poem If by Kipling, the part most frequently quoted by my father is: “If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds’ worth of distance run.”

    My need to fill the unforgiving minute must have been expressed in some unconscious behaviour which led one acquaintance to say: “Ling, you don’t seem to be able to enjoy yourself.” This was during a cruise down the Rhine that I took last December. (Most of my fellow passengers were elderly white Americans. At 60, I was the third-youngest of the group; a couple on honeymoon were younger than me.)

    I had no reply to this comment. How do I make an American, who has probably imbibed “it is the unalienable right of every man to pursue happiness” from the time she was in first grade, see life from my point of view.

    I grew up with the concept that I am a member of my family and my society and I owe a duty to both. The pursuit of happiness ranks behind my duty to Singapore and our society, even my filial duties come before the right to pursue happiness.

    Socially, I tend to avoid parties and big gatherings. But with the mobile phone, it is impossible to escape greetings by SMS or WhatsApp. I never initiate such greetings, but on receiving one, my standard answer is “the same to you and your family”. When I needed to thank friends for presents they’ve sent, I usually write: “Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.”

    I use the same response for Chinese New Year as well because “gong xi fa cai” is to wish the person to gain great wealth and I don’t think wealth on its own brings one happiness.
    But to some people, wealth is the most important thing in their life, and they are forever endeavouring to accumulate more wealth. Whenever they gain more, it is never enough, and they then plan or plot to gain even more. It is an endless pursuit in self-gratification with no meaningful purpose in life.

    Happiness, in whatever form one sees it, becomes more elusive the harder one tries to pursue it. That’s why my personal aim is much more realistic: All I ask for is calmness and contentment. These at least are partially within my control.

    I don’t believe pursuing happiness is an effective way to achieve happiness.

    By behaving well, and by helping our fellow humans negotiate the obstacles that are part of life are more effective ways to become happy.

    Doing so will make the people around us happy as well. There is nothing profound in this, but sometimes simple solutions can achieve what complex thought cannot.

  24. What happen during the parliament how wp question lhl I believe maybe half ofthe 70% a ready wake up knowing the opp party are doing their work than those pap mp worst even make gct anger that show wp have a ability to stop pap to pass bill easily if there are more opp candidates in parliament

  25. Humility and seeking contentment and happiness for the self.

    Some people know that if they do not have peace at home as the base, there will be no genuine peace in places of worship, in society, at workplaces, schools, etc.

    Some pray for world peace. It will be a sham to offer prayers for world peace when there is no peace at home as the most important building block for a society to be peaceful and harmonious with a strong common and united identity.

    Cordial relationship, peace, harmony, unity, love and kindness at home and with family members in an extended family among siblings are very important attributes to have. How can it be achieved?

    It will be a sham to project all these wonderful concerns outwardly towards others and in public when one cannot achieve it at home among immediate family members and loved ones in whatever situation and conditions.

    How many qualify to pray or hope for world peace when they continue to have friction with loved ones at home? Some show kindness towards others in public but it would be deception if they are not able to live a life that is free of friction at home.

    Humans have to live a life that is characterised by a positive innermost attitude, positive words, and positive actions. Is it possible to achieve having a noble and positive innermost attitude that do not bear grudges, do not envy others and will not succumb or crumble in the face of challenges?

    In a family, there should be no friction but only unconditional care and concern for one another with genuine love, harmony, unity and kindness emphasizing spiritual first by living a way of life that is overflowing and giving way to others with altruistic love.

    For one able to achieve this way of living, humans need to know and have from the start what is Whole Person Complete Education to live as a true human should.

    There are strict rules and no short cuts for one to attain this way of life.


    Dr Lee WL wrote a piece encouraging us to show our kindness and care for the manual workers.


    “Manual workers deserve a bow too”

    When the People’s Action Party first came to power, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew (centre) and other party leaders “mounted a series of well-publicised campaigns to clean the streets of the city”.ST FILE PHOTO

    2 hours ago in Sunday Times, 6th March 2016

    by Dr Lee Wei Ling

    My ideal Singapore would be one that not only gives all its people equal opportunities, but also a country where we treat each other with equal courtesy and kindness, no matter what job one does and the status it carries.

    This is not something I learnt from my family, but rather it is what I think and feel. How big a role the schools I attended have played to mould my way of thinking, I am not sure. But I don’t remember any point in my life when I simply adopted the attitude of the people who surrounded me.

    I was four years old when my father became prime minister. My “black and white” Cantonese maids reportedly said to me: “Now that your father is prime minister, we should address you as little mistress.” I reportedly replied: “It is my father who is prime minister, not me. So please continue to call me by my name.”

    I don’t remember this episode but it was recounted by one of my Cantonese maids after they had returned to their home town in the 1980s. The incident was related by the maid that a magazine, being circulated in China, had interviewed. It was published in 2006 and brought to my attention by the principal of the school my nephew was attending. There was no way the maid could have known that I would read what she had said. So I suppose it was an honest recollection of the importance she placed on how she was treated as a service provider.

    There is dignity in all work, so surely society should treat menial workers with the respect they deserve. Yet, there are a host of jobs that people tend to look down on, like the “hewers of wood and drawers of water” referred to in the Old Testament. Joshua cursed the Canaanites with this terminology. I state this not to criticise a quote from the Bible but to show that, throughout history, there are references to how men and women who make a living by menial labour have been despised.

    Here, one can question the manner in which people treat cleaners. Knowing that others are following in their wake cleaning up after them ought to prick their conscience, but often it spurs them to just leave their trash behind without a second thought.

    As picking up clean habits ought to start from a young age, the Ministry of Education has “taken a cue from Japan and Taiwan”, as reported, and will get students in primary and secondary schools, as well as in junior colleges, to spend at least a few minutes each day cleaning classrooms, canteens and corridors. Acting Education Minister Ng Chee Meng said getting students involved in daily cleaning is a good way to get them to learn personal and social responsibility, cultivate good habits and make them a part of their lives.

    Yes, these are appropriate goals, but there is a deeper and no less important lesson to be learnt from such a practice, which is that all labour that serves a useful purpose to mankind should be valued and not despised.

    When I was in primary school, my Cantonese maids at home used to threaten me thus: “If you don’t study hard, you will end up clearing night soil.” Now there is no night soil anywhere in Singapore. So instead, my friend, an assistant superintendent of police, threatens his sons thus: “If you don’t study hard, you will end up as a cleaner.” The above clearly illustrates how the manual labour associated with cleaning is looked down upon in our society and many other societies throughout history.

    I was in a Chinese-medium school from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 in the 1960s. The principal and many of the teachers were immigrants from China. There was a rule that the cleaning of our classroom would be done by students. Each day of the week, it was the responsibility of a particular row of students to sweep the floor and empty the wastepaper basket. No one derided us for cleaning the classroom, and all of us took turns to do so.

    My sense is that in the 1960s, Nanyang and many other Chinese-medium schools felt an affinity with China, where the communists mandated that all legal labour should not be despised. Though that form of politics has been rejected, I wish more would adopt the thought that all legal labour gives the labourer dignity. So whether one is a cruise ship cleaner, hospital attendant or domestic maid, that person’s contributions are indispensable to society. It would be a simpler society to navigate if we all thought this way. However, it is because many do not that we have foreign labourers and maids being ill-treated by their employers. Unfortunately, many often dare not complain or get help until the abuse is fairly severe.

    There are some who say that Chinese-medium schools taught their students to view all useful labour as honourable because of their Confucian influence. But Confucianism ranked people in society in the following order: Scholar, farmer, labourer and businessman. However, the Chinese are too pragmatic to adhere rigidly to that ranking in this day and age when the businessman is usually the wealthiest of the four. So in Singa- pore, many successful business- men are prominent members of society. And the labourer’s position has sunk to the bottom.

    Before writing this article, I e-mailed a few friends, asking what schools they were from and whether they were required to clean their classrooms. Those from Chinese-medium schools, who are at least in their 50s, replied that it was part of their routine. It was rare in English-medium schools for students to be expected to do any such cleaning.

    The daughter of one of my Chinese-educated friends gave a most enlightening reply: “I was from Pei Chun Public School, a Chinese SAP school. I studied in the old campus for the first three years of primary school under our old principal. Back then, we had a roster scheduling people to clean the classroom.

    “However, my classmates always took the initiative: Whoever was free would clean whatever they could. The tall boys would clean the fan and the top of the blackboard and the rest would sweep the floor, empty the bins and arrange the tables.

    “When we moved to the new campus, we also changed our principal and the culture changed as well. We weren’t required to clean anything but I took it upon myself to sweep the classroom floor. We were provided with a broom and a dustpan in every classroom, and sweeping the floor and arranging the tables would be up to those who took the initiative as well.

    “I must say the younger generation who were not exposed to the old principal’s ways did not have the same habit of cleaning up the classroom.”

    This illustrates how figures of influence can help shape the thinking and habits of people. When the People’s Action Party first came to power, my father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and other party leaders “mounted a series of well-publicised campaigns to clean the streets of the city, clear the beaches of debris and cut the grass of unkempt vacant land”.

    As he noted in The Singapore Story: “It was a copycat exercise borrowed from the communists – ostentatious mobilisation of everyone including the ministers to toil with their hands and soil their clothes in order to serve the people.”

    The point is that even dirty work is valuable and none should feel above it.

    But clearly not all occupations are considered equal. If the majority of the members of our society feel this way, schools must help to change that thinking. By making cleaning of the school by students part of the routine activity, one might inculcate in our students personal and social responsibility. While cultivating good habits of keeping one’s environment clean and tidy, the practice might also change the perception that manual labour is “low class”.

  26. Too late, both of them have really tried (came wif big price that they have to pay) and once again our system failed the good ones, as usual….. My salute to LHY, LWL and SF.

  27. I was a perm staff in Base 2 in ROC some time in ’93. LHY came to visit as BG. As usual, stuff gets painted and the camp is made as tip-top as it can be. Overlooked was a dump where we threw all the broken parts of the armored vehicles at a mud track somewhere at the back. He wasn’t expected to go there anyway. But obviously someone forgot and after inspecting the vehicle park he was taken on the short cut which runs past the dump.

    LHY saw and we all had “gg” written on our faces. We thought he would make a fuss about it during debrief and there would be hell after that.

    He said absolutely nothing about the dump. There’s nothing more for lower ranks to be thankful about, when superior officers would not make a big fuss over stuff like that.

  28. All the while we know he is a humble guy, I also heard that there was one time he was late for a school parents meeting and all stand up to welcome him, but he apologies to all for his lateness and went all the way to the back row of seats and settle down. Very low profile guy. It must be some really big time shit that hit him this time that cause him to be so flare up and posted all the evidences against his brother. It’s all common sense for us to judge anyway but too many commoners got no common sense at all that are still thinking bad about him. And happy to see that many of his ex staff willing to speak up for him here. Let the God decide!

  29. Sorry , all were nice humble person . Let seat and ask ourself one simple question . If a person is kind , humble and caring , will he be considerate ??? Answer to all is yes . But if such person being well respected by all who air his family matter out to the whole world in the middle of the night where everyone is sound sleeping , sorry pa pa and Ma Ma will cried too ! Who brought the red dot Shine in the world and who tarnished it ! Just sharing as we all know the answer in our heart ❤️ !

    • Everyone or almost everyone heard of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945??? Do you know what its look like now?? I was there in 1976 it was a thriving city without any trace of atomic bomb except the skeleton dome that survived the fact there was a shipyard with 3000 workers who build our NOL ships….do you hear who was prime minister or political party responsible for the resurrection of the devastated cities?? They say its the people….here in this red dot we constantly brainwashed ,bombbarded with the great achievement of LKY and PAP??? Yes, they made their contribution but was it FOC?? So did all the people of that generation…wake up don’t simply idol worship like sports or pop fans?? Do I or some non elitist care for super skyscrapers,highways ,most fantastic airport in the world??? Ask those 70 yo and above uncles and aunties who still have to struggle to survive…..

    • Excellent points. Indeed, Singaporeans are like sheep who can’t think for themselves.

      In 1965, Singapore already had 3rd highest GDP per capita in all of Asia, only behind HK and Japan. While not that developed, we were certainly not a fishing village.

      Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong’s economic progress was just as spectacular as Singapore, but none of their governments took all the credit for themselves.

      Singapore was really built by an entire generation of construction workers, factory workers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors. I am grateful to them.

      Yes we had a good government – LKY, Goh Keng Swee, Toh Chin Chye, Rajaratnam, but unfortunately LHL wasn’t amongst their number.

    • Thanks for sharing the same sentiment..I.e. Open eyes, open mind…finally thanks all in my parents generation for cooperating with the government in building Singapore..Not just one man no matter how brilliant he maybe???

  30. So sorry, bcos you are not a VIP or the pappies gang of bandits or the cabinet MP only our 154 media will not publish. This is a pappies dynasty monopoly dot.
    Any way, we salute you and sister Lwl for the rightful determination for the truth, many thanks LHY & LWL, go yo a suitable place and take care.

  31. Simple. If he is a good and humble guy like what you have said, then he shouldn’t incite family duels in public.
    Remember, every coins have 2 sides. Geomancy has Ying and Yang. The Earth receives day and night. So, in short. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Everyone has a dark side unknown to others.

    • Are you also supporting U.S. Ganging up with so call free world to sanction North Korea?? Singapore also joined in to condemned no?? What have we say about the rest of the other countries having nuclear weapons??? I detest bullying of any kind,otherwise I would have joined up with some gang when I was young… I fought my own battles inside and outside my family and survive till now and more years to come if needed…

    • Maybe its a last resort… when you got the government lackeys coming to make a decision, and the lackeys’ boss is none other than LHL…

  32. I used to work at Caldecott Hill and there was once I was just outside my company and a colleague of mine saw a car drove past and tell me that the driver inside is LHY, I was still young back then not knowing much about him (because he was very low profile) but I got a shock when my colleague told me that he is the son of LKY and I couldn’t believe that the car that I am driving (a Honda Civic) is much better looking and newer than his. Can’t really remembered what car it was but it look like those Japanese nissan sunny COE car.

  33. We were colleagues for at least 4 yrs in an organisation, tough training, harsh and risky work environment, irrational irritations and taboo, he remains calm and composed, honest , always contribute most surprising solutions in learning, problems solving, play and even struggle in the face of adversity. He was very fit and down to earth good man, remembered him participated as the anchor runner running the last lap of a 16 miles road relay..

  34. Does this younger brother need pinky to take care of him? Pinky can’t even take care of singapire and who pay tax for his million dollar income! Like the CPF!

  35. When I was running a pub in Klliney Road in the mid 90’s he passed by a few times and always had a nod and a smile for my staff or the customers sitting outside.
    Since he wasn’t a politician I took that as a sign of a genuine person. Some say he was more people-smart than his elder brother.

  36. I am stunned that the guests were stunned. This shows how elite and inclusive they are and why his actions drew flak from them. When I threw a housewarming party years ago, I invited the construction workers cos they had been helping me some ways or another in my new flat. By 2pm that day, they were nowhere to be seen and I later found out that their supervisor instructed them not to attend until 3pm, preferably after all my other guests had left. It was then I found out that they were resting in an unoccupied flat next to mine. I was so indignant that I told them to ignore their supervisor and brought them to the party. I told the supervisor that his workers were also my invited guests and if any of the other guests were not happy to eat with them, they could leave cos I am a no respecter of persons.

  37. Someone should interview Mr LHY…apart from being Mr LKY son and ex Ceo of Singtel…dats all i know. Now that this has come to light…people should.know the real person.

  38. I don’t know him personally , but if LHY is as what you guys said, I hope he will come forward and be our people’s rep. I look forward to it. Perhaps he will be listening and more understanding to the people woes

  39. Basically feeling a sense of betrayal and especially after the sales of the house only to be probe by ministerial committee . All knew from the onset about the prevailing law on preservation and monument and as such, unless discuss and agreed during transaction, it has been naive .

  40. Haha!this is becoming a Naruto story. People talk like LKY is the sage of six paths. Older son is genius but cold-hearted like Indra. Younger son kind and compassionate like Asura.Lols.
    (Spoiler Alert:naruto is asura’s reincarnation)

  41. We really don’t know the real intention of this saga. Could it be Yang and Ling knows something which they can’t say directly but using this saga to give hint to Singaporean.

  42. Wow I haven’t heard of so many complimentary remarks about LHY . For a while after what was said in the Parliament few days ago my view about LHY slipped considerably. Not that for a moment I favoured the elder sibling but I had doubt over Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s fair honest posture. But now reading all these positive comments about the man by fellow neitizens I’m thrilled that LHY is quiet and character good natured and humble not like his brother or worst the many lackeys in our parliament.

  43. If this is indeed true and not just a make up story, it definitely reveals the humility this man got, you can trust and believe what he says.

  44. When was Stamford Law Corp opened? Was it before or after the divorce?

    You know the two are divorced ages ago right? A front was kept with a gag order on the divorce you also know that right?

  45. A while ago now: driving out from Raffles Hotel car park. LHY driving his car was on my right: he had the right of way. He waved me on and allowed me to go ahead of him. Personal experience. I was touched. Ordinary and Impartial citizen.

  46. LHY best. He joined the Q buying chicken rice in To a Payoh. I walk pass him, looked back at him, he gave a smile that l always remember him as a son of our founding father LKY

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