PAP member threatened by fellow party members for being disloyal over Oxley-squabble


A PAP member, Rio Hoe, posted a message on his Facebook page on Fri (16 Jun) revealing that threats have been made against him by his fellow PAP members, for questioning PM Lee.

Some people from the PAP have written to me to express their disapproval of my stance on the Lee family saga, given my…

Posted by Rio Hoe on Thursday, 15 June 2017

When Lee family squabble first surfaced on Tuesday (13 Jun) with Hsien Yang saying that he and his sister felt “threatened by Hsien Loong’s misuse of his position and influence over the Singapore government to drive his personal agenda”, Rio wrote on his Facebook page:

“If real, this incident weakens PM Lee’s position as leader of the Party, and certainly opens up an opportunity for those who have an eye on the leadership to take advantage of the situation to strengthen their position.”

The next day on 14 Jun, Rio wrote again, “The accusations made against the PM are extremely serious. They call his leadership and character into doubt, and bring to our attention the way power is (allegedly) wielded and exercised at the upper echelons of Singapore’s political hierarchy.”

On Thu (15 Jun), he wrote to ask his fellow PAP members to question the PAP leaders over the matter, “If you are truly committed to the values of the Party that Lee Kuan Yew believed in and fought for, and if you are sincere about ensuring good governance, and making Singapore a better place, then, instead of protecting your own interests, and being afraid to offend those in positions of authority, I urge you to speak up and ask the right questions, as I have.”

“It is your duty to do so, both in your capacity as a Singapore citizen, and as a person who truly cares about the future of the Party,” he added.

PAP members attack Rio

Then came the attacks from the other PAP members against Rio.

On Fri (16 Jun), Rio revealed that other PAP members have written to him to express their disapproval of his stance on the Lee family saga, given his ties to the Party.

“Some of them have questioned my loyalty, and at least one person has made threats against me,” he revealed.

In his defence, he said that he never insinuated that the allegations made against PM Lee are true. But nevertheless, he said it is also inappropriate to simply “take the PM’s word for granted”.

“It is ridiculous to simply take the Lee siblings’ word for granted, just as it is inappropriate to simply take the PM’s word for granted. This is why I called for an inquiry – so that we can find out more about the matter and come to a more informed conclusion on the issue,” he said.

“We need to be ever-watchful, and take an appropriately firm stance towards those in power, and who claim to wield power on our behalf.”

He cautioned the other PAP members that blind obedience will not bring Singapore or PAP forward.

“Therefore, I am eager to hear the Party leader’s response, and I do hope that the allegations made against him are false,” he said.

Rio further elaborated why he thinks it’s important for PM Lee deals with the serious allegations made against him so that “we can move forward as a party and have our confidence in our leader restored, or reconsider our choice of leader, if necessary”.

“My point is this – I do not believe in blind obedience. This is not a wild allegation made by some fringe group, but by the Prime Minister’s siblings, who are high-profile individuals. It is therefore not disloyal to ask questions and seek answers on the issue,” he further explained.

“Making threats against me on the other hand, is not only disgraceful, but, given the circumstances, painfully ironic.”

According to his Facebook page, he is the co-founder and Chief Editor of Consensus SG as well as the Ex-Chair of the Consultative Committee at The Oxford Union. He studied Law at Oxford.



    • I don’t think they will eat the poo or drink the pee when told to do so. Give them some credit lah. They might only be balls carriers (Malay says ‘Angcut bodek’) with ulterior motives.

  1. Take it easy. This is PAP and somehow most of us here feel the same. Only they can do, allow to do and feel nothing wrong with it. Our concern here is not about who right or wrong. We are question the PAP why use million dollars MPs to conduct such investigation. Wasting tax payer money or maybe they are too free to do it.

  2. Congratulations, Rio. Stick to your principles. The situation now in SG is very similar to M’sia where Najib prefers loyalty over intellect. I’ll repeat what I’ve said before ~ any idiot or fool can be loyal but an intellect like you ask questions. Both SG & M’sia PMs should start a joint~venture circus with loyal clowns & jesters.

  3. One of few party members not afraid to voice out his opinion. Majority of them are either Yes men/women bootlickers or afraid to lose out on their highly paid wages if they get kicked out for challenging him. You find them in all the RCs too.

  4. Yes I also think CPF is similar to Ponzi scheme. Wonder why the minimum sum needs to increase yearly at rate more than the interest you earn? The payout is increasing yearly as population grows but CPF fund is not growing in tandem but actually losing a lot of money through reckless investments. One way to service the payout is to keep increasing minimum sum besides printing money.

  5. Waddya expect when PM LHL can ask DPM Teo & Law Minister Shanmugam to intervene because he is bullied by his siblings? Why not just sue? I’m sure the Courts will find in his favour even if his case is hopeless. That’s what his Dad would have done and if the judge does not agree, just change the judge and the law. Last resort would be to have Min. of Love (aka ISD) award free extended holidays to his siblings. Our Lord LKY would not have hesitated.

  6. I have heard to the PAP members are getting suspicious of each other and they are so many in-fighting and disagreement going on. One has call other members to call for a vote to through out the Leader who is an embarassment to the party and a traitor to his party.

  7. PM LHL is not even in the same universe as our Lord LKY if he runs crying to DPM Teo & Law MInister Shanmugam cos his siblings won’t let him Trash his Dad’s legacy.

    • Really hope. Pros n cons under LKY. But he really built up S’pore from 3rd world to 1st world. Care for His people, strict rules…..many more. Only RESPECT LKY but not these current bunches. They are Destroying n sinking S’pore. Soon LOCALS breed Will be OUTSOURCED by Foreigners. OMG!!!!! for the sake of power??????

  8. Well, what did u expect!? The average pappy is a sycophant… no mind of their own, masters of yes men… if you don’t suck up to mini lee and his agenda, then his pack of “loyal” dogs will attack u

  9. They’re just following their masters’ example of threatening their own people when things don’t go their way. Rio Hoe happened to be on the “right” side of the fence now.

  10. Rio, you are the only few in PAP who stands on your ground and knows how to question your superior if you feel it is not right. Kudos to you and respect u! You are precious to PAP

  11. In Korea Japan taiwan and Europe they had call for a vote of confidence or no confidence. Best is to be laozi, let the karma do it’s Job.

  12. Teo should also set up another urgently secret committe to check which monkey dared to threaten pap member to question the lhl family dispute as a loyal citizens…

  13. i support Rio Hoe. there must not be any abuse from or within the party. We are not yes men to the party. we expressed views and opinions for Singapore to forward. it is a sad thing that this news came out. Shame on those members who are abusing their powers.

  14. Rio is a dumbass; surely by now he’s familiar with his fellow party members and “friends”.

    If they think about it unselfishly, it’s clear: owner (little bro) and occupant (sister) are following the wish of father in regards to their private home.

    Elder bro (who sold his share) forms a ministerial committee, which wants a say in the issue. Same thing happened to your kids how? You can accept this party tell you how to reno your home?

    Basically, it’s self serving nature of humans. Not my taiji, so can accept. My life ok, everyone else don’t matter.

  15. I agree lwl saying that it is not just simple family dispute…I understand her mean..i also same though as her!!!She mean that it is have political motive planning!!!Lwl and lhy is truth saying..they are worries that lhl have political motive would want to continous lee dynasty so that why he disagree to demolish that old house!!!Still saying to made it as musmum…and is a important building…for memoriable place for family as hiding his politicial motive reason!!!Becos he know that without dad name on him…he unable to stay on his pm role and win election!!!So he want to remain these histories building!!!

  16. Make a police report better than Facebook! Go and make a police report. Take a civil case. Go and hire a lawyer. No point for all the talk talk talk by everyone. Concretize your actions.

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