Netizens Savage Miss Singapore 2017 Finalists Online


A photo of Miss Singapore 2017 finalists at their first public unveiling has gone viral with netizens slamming the contestants as “pathetic.”

While some commentators expressed support for the ladies participating in the competition this year, many said that they could not believe their eyes and that they’re hoping that this is just an elaborate joke.

Although the photographer, Joseph Juban, who released the photo of the finalists has since deleted the image from his Facebook and Instagram accounts, the photo is still drawing flak as it continues to circulate online.

It has been shared close to 2,500 times from just one account that re-posted the original image.

Looking at the finalist of Miss Singapore 2017 Thoughts of Real Singaporeans go 'What theee . . .'Not enough? More pics for you here at Joseph Juban FB#MissSingapore2017 #ThoughtsofRealSingaporeans

Posted by Thoughts of Real Singaporeans on Tuesday, 11 July 2017


  1. Half couldn’t make it on appearance or underweight alone. The rest are just above average and got to be watched on stage performance…..

  2. Trollers behind keyboard feigned high standards but willing to shag the cheapest hooker online or downtown- such double standards proliferated over here sadly.

  3. Seriously?????????? I think please don’t waste time and money on intetnational level. Besides Singapore will never win any missy universal …blah blah blah..unless we are the host country..only top 10 or 5..otherwise…forget it!!!!!

    • I do apologise if I come across as critical. But to be brutally honest, whether it is Miss Singapore or Miss Singapore Universe, they are representing Singapore on a national level, or even a world level for that matter.

      If these ladies are competing for Miss Chinatown or something along the lines of a neighbourhood, that’s fine… anything else, I’m sorry, they just don’t make the cut.

    • There are different levels of prestige in the various competitions and winning something like this is just as prestigious as your aforementioned Miss Chinatown and the global media could not give two hoots about it too.

  4. Wrong info…

    Please note that MISS UNIVERSE SINGAPORE is not affiliated to any other pageant in Singapore.
    They are still recruiting and registrations close this Friday, 14 July 2017! Register now at for your shot – winner gets a spread in Her World Magazine, extensive press coverage and also the chance of a lifetime to represent Singapore at MISS UNIVERSE. #missuniverse2017 #confidentlybeautiful

  5. This is a Miss Chinese Singapore; like how we have a Presidential Malay Election. It just takes one stupid, low leader to start a race-led fiasco. When is the Miss Malay and Miss Malay Singapore? And how about the odd Miss Others Singapore?

  6. Front row , fourth contestant from the left is the oblivious winner. That was the plan for her to be the winner by not having any viable competitors.

  7. Someone didn’t apply the beauty app before posting – or they did but the algorithm in the app went “shit man i’m good but not that good to fix all that problems”.

  8. The judges must go for eye test!!!!!
    The girls selected (with all due respect to their looks) should not be representing Singapore because I have seen 1000’s of beautiful girls in Singapore from different ethnic groups and not Chinese only.

  9. Omg ! So sad ! Surely there are some prettier girls coming from Singapore ? This is more like a group for Miss Simpang Rengam ( some of you may know the place.)

  10. BIG CONFUSION, how can “INDEPENDENT SG” not do some simple checking before going with this article despite something is apparently fishy or wrong with such “quality”… However, this photo is from “Miss Singapore BEAUTY Pageant “, which IS DIFFERENT from Miss Universe Singapore or Miss World Singapore (different Organizers) , Miss Universe (SG) typically also have better quality (i.e. more brains and academically qualified ) than Miss World [ who recent years all have their pageants in China], both for Singapore and internationally

    Boomz Ris Low is Miss Singapore World / Ms World (SG) not miss universe.. whom Ms Universe (SG) many have degrees and from some even from rather prestigious universities

  11. Why do they blame it on the photographer when their models are like that? Nice means nice, no need appointed photographer or elaborate tools. A true beauty is beautiful from every angle

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