Ministry of Transport responds to viral Facebook post, explains Bukit Timah Road bus stop

Photo: Facebook /美珊

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) has responded to a viral Facebook post about the unconventional placement of a bus stop along Bukit Timah Road.

The original Facebook post by user Mei Shan was reacted to more than 500 times, with about 3000 shares.

Netizens confused about barriers in front of a bus stop along Bukit Timah 

In her post, Mei Shan said, “sometimes i really very confuse[d] with the construction in SG.. what is that barrier for if the bus stop is build there.. maybe someone can enlighten me..”.

She was referring to a bus stop with railings built in front of it, and was confused about its functionality.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Transport shared their own Facebook post with the following caption: “Wonder what happens when there’s insufficient space for a typical bus stop?

The answer? We innovate!

In their post, they also added, “Bus stop 40021 along Bukit Timah Road was one such challenge. Our engineers found an unconventional way to site this bus stop along the busy Bukit Timah Road, while minimising impact to vehicular and human traffic. They even factored in a shelter to ensure bus passengers will not be too affected by the rain and shine!”

Earlier today, the Ministry’s post was picked up by Facebook group, who added their take:

“MOT(Ministry of Transport) makes the tall claim that the weird design of the Bukit Timah bus stop was the result of innovation.

The strange boasting aside, why didn’t they just put a sign at the bus stop informing commuters that the boarding and alighting area was further up due to space constraints?

“Sometimes, I miss the bus because it stops so far away,” Matthew Ng, 10, an Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) pupil, said he has been taking the bus home from school for the past two years.

Ms Siew Bay Choo, 48, a cashier who works at a nearby petrol station, said commuters might get wet walking to the bus if it rains. “It can be rather inconvenient, if one takes public transport to work daily.”

MOT should have made a shelter all the way to the alighting and boarding area.

MOT respond:”

Netizens dismiss the statement by the Ministry of Transport, and insist that a spade should be called a spade.