Man suddenly collapses and dies while waiting in line at Malaysia-Singapore Second Link

Source: The Star

A 63-year-old Malaysian abruptly passed away yesterday after he collapsed while in line at an immigration counter in Johor Bahru, as he was waiting to enter Singapore.

The man, Mohd Ismail Abdullah, had travelled with his wife from Kuala Lumpur to the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex at the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, according to Malaysian daily The Star.

The daily reported that the deceased collapsed around 4.20am. A Malaysian superintendent revealed that the man had already passed on by the time paramedics arrived, about 40 minutes later:

“He was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived at about 5am. His body was brought to Hospital Sultanah Aminah for a postmortem.”

Police are investigating the case as a sudden death. Criminal elements have been ruled out in police investigation which are ongoing.


  1. While waiting 40 minutes for ambulance arrive. Did anybody around there did cpr? Seems more like cardiac arrest heart Attack. If cpr is done till ambulance arrive there’s possibility for survive

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