Man mistakes warning horn of reversing car as taunt and angrily starts brawl at Ang Mo Kio


A man started a fight after mistaking a warning horn from a reversing car as a taunt on Tuesday. The incident occurred at a carpark in front of Block 715 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 around 3.51pm.

According the Chinese daily, a driver was reversing his vehicle and sounded his horn to alert other vehicles behind his car. Unfortunately, one of the drivers behind the car mistook the horn as a taunt and alighted his vehicle to confront the first driver.

It is believed that there were three vehicles between the first driver and the one who took offense at the warning horn.

The altercation quickly grew when both drivers decided to gather their friends and talk it out at the Big Mac Centre at 51 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, only for talks to devolve into a brawl between both sides.

An eyewitness who works at a nearby dental clinic told the Chinese daily that two men kept exchanging blows and tugging at each other’s clothing as they ran. Friends of the two parties are also believed to have participated in the brawl.



  1. Most Singaporeans honk for all sort of reasons …. maybe some would like to challenge the fact that other countries like India , Indonesia or Thailand honk twice as much and it’s the very daily thing ? Fact is , sg traffic is very much regulated as compare to those mentioned …. need to honk to get their way around and such but in sg …. necessary ? It is consider a rude gesture to sound your horn in western region of the globe .
    Instead of spending that few sec depressing on the honk , why not use it to tap on the breaks instead ?…. who knows the next time you sounded your bloodily horn , may cause you your windscreen ?

  2. There is this thing called suggestibility in psychology. A suggestible person will see anything directed at him which sounds or looks harsh as suggesting insult, slight or scorn. Even if that is not at all the case. Many people said Singaporeans are now generally civil and courteous. But in fact many are still insensitive to other’s feeling. So better smile even if you run into one such jerk. Be polite and don’t be suggestible. You will spare yourself mental agony and physical troubles.

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