Man berates CGH which sent debt collectors to recover $37 in unpaid bills


Facebook user Manfred Tan uploaded a 25 minutes long telephone conversation between an angry CGH patient and the staff of CGH’s business department. In it, the patient railed at the CGH staff for using legal debt collectors to recover the $37 he owed to the hospital. He claimed that the debt collector’s tone was harsh and it intimidated his wife and kids.

The man questioned why as a Government-run hospital, they need to use debt collection agencies to recover their money. Why can’t the hospitals be more compassionate and find out the actual situation before resorting to such heavy handed tactics.

The man admitted that he ignored the 3 warning letters from CGH because he thought he could settle the outstanding $37 bill during his next visit to the hospital – a month later. For most of the conversation, the CGH staff was dumbstruck and could not respond to the man’s questions on why the Government needs to use such heartless tactics to recover a paltry sum like $37.

When queried if all government hospitals used this debt collection tactic on all patients (old folks included) who owe hospitals money, the staff readily agreed that the caller was right.

Manfred’s post has since been taken down, but a Youtube video of the conversation is still in circulation.