Malaysian traffic police caught on video taking bribes

Malaysian cop bribed in broad daylight in North South Highway

It is probable that a poorly paid policeman could revert to taking bribes in order to feed the family, but it appears the occurrences have increased recently.

This is how a motorist who hinted he was a Singaporean is seen on a video being forced to bribe his way out of a messy situation with a traffic policer in Malaysia.

The entire act was caught on a mobile phone, apparently by a passenger.

The video starts with the driver being pulled off the traffic by an officer on a Malaysian highway, and a discussion ensued in which the policeman is heard saying I stopped you because you were driving faster than the 110 KM/H limit.

The policeman is then heard saying: “Rm100 can,” to the driver.

Another video shows the driver giving the money to the police officer, but it is not clear how much he was giving.

Watch both videos here:

Here is the moment the bribe is slipped in the policeman’s hand, all smiling:

The video is making its rounds in Malaysia and Singapore on WhatsApp, in which there is a message attached to it where the driver warns Singaporeans not to drive into Malaysia or risk having to pay bribes to police officers.

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  1. You stupid dumb fool Singaporean. You spoilt and hurt all Singaporean travelling and driving into Malaysia Territory. If any wrong-doing or fault on our part when driving along the road in Malaysia, those TP actually assist us in many ways to clear all wrongdoings. Bastard you think of your self only and thought that you are Mr Clean Singaporean. F…… you.

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  3. Stupid Singaporeans. Didn’t they know every year during the fasting month all the traffic police will come out it force to collect some extra money so they can celebrate Hari Raya Puasa? Are Singaporeans getting dumber or what?

    • Singaporeans in Singapore do pay bribes, they pay high taxes, COEs, high petrol taxes, GST as demanded by the government yet they are not protesting. Singaporeans are people without spine.

  4. Why make it sound like a new discovery ? The few places on earth where bribes are forbidden include Singapore . Elsewhere , it’ may be a norm . Whether you like it or hate it , don’t expect them to yield to us because we are supposedly corrupt free .

  5. Yes true dont spoilt the market laa hahaha… you think take this video going to change anything there??? This been going on for since the day im born laaa hahahaha…

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    You think Singapore has a better system. Look around, around you.. when you are old, you better off dead than sick, you probably have lots of money on paper but cannot use,. And you probably will end up as a cleaners or guards , who has to towkay to foreigners who has once grabbed your jobs and will continue to grab your children’s jobs…..

    Chinese President Xi once said to his own Civil Servants that if they want to be Civil Servants and be rich, don’t work in Chinese Government…..

    • Singaporeans have a very fucking habit of making fun of neighbouring countries. You can spot them when you see them in KL, in Johore, in Malacca as so on. If they think Singapore is so great why waste their time in Malaysia. They should appreciate the hospitality and not be a nuisance. They forget the very government they voted are asking them to pay high taxes, COEs, high water and electricity which is worse that paying bribes and yet you see them not question or protesting the unfair increases yet want to complain about bribes they are they on one hand the culprit.

  8. To all the bad comments on Singaporeans paying bribes to Malaysian Police wait until you are in that position. To be told to go to the nearest town to pay your fine. Which will be three times or more than what was asked. Then I will say you are dumb fool, or stupid, or monkey idiots. Yes don’t spoil the market and instead waste your time and more money.

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