Malay girl allegedly steals camera under the guise of renting it


Facebook user Sufian has shared a photo of a young Malay woman, an Ameera binte Azman, online who he claims made off with his camera and lens after renting it.

He has not been able to find suitable redress as he was told by police officers when he went to lodge a complaint that this is a breach of contract case instead of a stolen goods case.

Sufian said that Ameera rented his Canon 5d Mark iii camera and a 85mm f1.2 lens before vanishing. He added that he found out that other carousell renters were also scammed by the same young woman who is allegedly known to have multiple contact numbers.

Sufian added that he believes Ameera may be a part of a syndicate as she was dropped off and picked up by two different luxury cars when she met him to rent the camera and lens.

He warned others against being scammed by Ameera.

BEWARE OF CAMERA SCAMMERS!Dear friends,For those who are into camera rental via carousel or other social media…

Posted by Home Sufian on Thursday, 13 July 2017



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