Maid suffers severe burns after using her own body to shield infant in Sentosa Cove yatch fire


A domestic helper suffered severe burns during the fire that erupted on board a yatch at Sentosa Cove yesterday (22 Mar), as she used her own body to shield a female baby.

In the second major fire this week – after the fire at Pulau Busing – witnesses heard a loud bang around 4.30pm before they saw the yatch, docked at ONE°15 Marina Club, engulfed in flames and thick black smoke. An emergency response team from the Marina Club fought the blaze before Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) officers arrived to put out the flames.

15 individuals, including two domestic helpers and a baby, who were on board the yatch were conveyed to the hospital. An eyewitness told the Chinese daily that one of the helpers used her own body to ensure that the baby was safe as they fled the burning yatch. The infant is believed to be under 12 months old.

One of the maids is presently warded at the Intensive Care Unit while the other is receiving treatment at the High Dependency Unit. The Chinese daily reported that both maids suffered 30 per cent burns.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. Investigations are ongoing.


  1. Well we have foreign workers sacrificing themselves to protect the locals. Those stupid websites that are divisive about foreigners in Singapore, should ask their editors to shield Singaporeans from fire.

  2. This is female instinct to protect the young. Wish her and the rest a speedy recovery and her boss not to forget her heroism in protecting the toddler.

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    • Maid from where and name?
      Shall all of us, give $ big or small to her, in case she needed for medical bill if insurance unable to cover or she need time to heal?
      Her employer must take care of her with their maximum financial ability as she save their child

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