Maid plummets seven storeys while cleaning windows of Condominium unit


An Indonesian domestic worker in her 20s was badly injured after she plummeted seven storeys while reportedly cleaning the windows of her employer’s Carissa Park condominium unit in Tampines yesterday afternoon.

It is believed that the helper – who had been working in Singapore for just one month – lost her footing and fell to the terrace of a ground floor unit. The helper’s employer told the Chinese daily that only an elderly lady was at home during the time of the incident.

Officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force reportedly conveyed the helper to Changi General Hospital, where she received medical attention.

This is not the first time domestic helpers have fallen from high floors while cleaning windows. While some have escaped with just injuries, others have lost their lives while performing the dangerous chore.

The issue of helpers falling from high-rise building while cleaning windows or hanging laundry is so pressing that the Ministry of Manpower issued a statement in 2012 that maids are no longer allowed to clean the outside of windows unless they are supervised.

Despite this, many more helpers have fallen from high floors while doing household chores each year.


  1. In a construction site, the company would be fined for not setting up a safe working environment. it’s time we make the employer be responsible for such unnecessary deaths.

  2. Actually, the problems are the windows themselves.

    Redesign the entire windows, such that they can be pulled back into the room, and there will be no need to climb, just to clean them.

    It’s quite hard to reach certain areas of the windows.

  3. Stop this shit…. no maids so be doing this…no maids should die doing this….elected president can u look into this shit@@@@ instead of sugarcane and bananas in istana…

  4. The system is screwed. Where do the mass of the population live in? High rise buildings. It is the responsibility and common sense for the government to build safer living spaces. This is a national problem and the government is not stepping up to the plate to solve this. Bloody tardy me thinks.

    • For what it’s worth, MOM regulations say that anyone has got to be provided with safety equipment including harnesses to clean windows above the 2nd floor… any person must be allowed to decline if they feel it’s unsafe (I know that might be easier said than done) and the employer is required to have a special insurance, which is expensive. I’ve not seen any recent figures, but in 2013, 53 had fallen by February and they tried to introduce changes, which I think led to improvements for a time at least.

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