LRT failure scares commuters


A Facebook user Jacqueline Bong providing feedback to SMRT claimed that the LRT she was on did not stop at the station she wanted to alight, and skipped several other stations. The user posting her feedback on SMRT’s Facebook on 28 Jul (Thu) said that she was on her way to a kindergarten to pick up her children when the incident happened.

She further said that the train she was in was travelling at high speed, scaring commuters on the train. It skipped 3 stations, starting from the Jelapang station, and finally came to a stop near the platform of Phoenix station. But not before dangerously stopping very close behind another train in the station.

The user said that the emergency button as well as the intercom in the train were not working. She noted that the train only slowed down when another commuter used her mobile phone to call the train operator.

Ms Bong shot several questions to SMRT asking:

“1. Why the emergency button is not working ?
2. Why no one notice the train moving non stop till 4th stations?
3. Why the emergency phone also not working at that moment?
4. Why the train moving non stop with much faster speed as usual?
5. How frequent smrt check the emergency button and phone to ensure it functionality?”

SMRT responded to Ms Bong and said:

“Hi Jacqueline Bong, we apologise for your experience. Rest assured that we treat this incident seriously and we will investigate it. Thank you.”received_1260568537301426