Home News Socio-Political Kenneth Jeyaretnam thought PM Lee's faltering was an autocue error

Kenneth Jeyaretnam thought PM Lee’s faltering was an autocue error




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The leader of the Reform Party, Kenneth Jeyaretnam made a Twitter post when PM Lee faltered while delivering his annual National Day Rally Speech.
2Mr Jeyaretnam made several other Tweets before and after making that post which he subsequently deleted. These posts may suggest that he did not realise that PM Lee had suffered from a medical condition.

Some who saw Mr Jeyaretnam’s deleted post felt that he was insensitive.

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Prominent blogger Andrew Loh for example described Mr Jeyaretnam as a “complete insensitive buffoon” for making that comment.

Mr Jeyaretnam took issue with Mr Loh’s post and made a number of Tweets and suggested that the blogger was with the PAP trolls.

This was when the Legislative Assistant to the Workers’ Party MP Faisal Manap, Bernard Chen, jumped to the defence of Mr Loh with a Facebook post. He called out the secretary-general of the Reform Party for turning his failure into an attack on a decent human being.

Mr Jeyaretnam however seemed sincere in thinking that it was an autocue error and deleted the post on realising that it was not.

The mainstream media did turn away the camera from the Prime Minister as soon as he faltered, causing viewers to speculate as to what happened.

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