Isolated Malaysian PR Zakir Naik pits Muslims against Hindus?

Video grab of Zakir Naik at the Perkasa talk show

With Islamic preacher Zakir Naik playing a bigger role in Malaysia’s domestic affairs, every responsible citizen’s are asking what’s in it for Malaysia?

Certainly, in the wake of a massive war of words that has been declared by both Zakir and the Hindu activist group Hindraf, there is cause for concern on the role Naik is playing.

In a video, Zakir is heard criticising Hindraf asking why does the Hindu Rights group have the right to tell a ‘Mufti’ what to say and do about Islam.

He also said Muslims in Malaysia should sue the Hindraf.

“I am not a Malaysian, but local Muslims should sue them,” he is heard saying.

According to Malaysian by-laws on the issuance of Permanent Residence permits, the recipient has no right at all to be involved in local political affairs.

Unless Zakir is a blue IC holder, that is a Malaysian citizen, then only he can interfere.

Watch the video and decide for yourself, but one thing is sure here: If Zakir is now the spokesperson for the Malay extreme right group Perkasa, it then a sign that he is isolated and the actions of Malaysian rights groups against him is biting hard.