“I am a high-class person. You are lowly filth! I am your master!” Man screams at commuter who snatched his seat


A video of two commuters arguing over a seat on an MRT train has been circulating on social media. The video, which was posted on Facebook by Philip Meow Eng Toon, was reportedly shot on a train travelling on the East West Line. It is unclear, however, exactly when the incident occurred.

In the video, an infuriated commuter in a white shirt can be seen screaming at a man in a blue shirt. The man in white hurls vicious insults at the man in blue and continues to do so, despite the efforts of another commuter in glasses who tries to calm him down.

It appears that the issue was over a seat that the man in blue allegedly snatched from the man in white. The man in blue, however, pointed out that there are other free seats in the MRT compartment but this did not appease the man in white.

The video begins with the man in white screaming at the man in blue: “I am a high-class person. You are lowly filth!…I am your master!”

To this, the man in blue sharply replies: “I give birth to you! You are a bastard!”

Angry, the man in white continues shouting and says, throughout the video: “You are a dog…You dare to touch me? You are just a lowly dog!…I won’t let you off.”

At one point, the man in white takes out his mobile phone and appears to film his opponent. Soon after, an SMRT employee can be seen stepping in, trying to diffuse the situation.

Still incensed, the man in white calls the other man “lowly trash” and “country dog,” before telling the SMRT employee that the other man had threatened him with a weapon.

The man in white momentarily leaves with the SMRT employee before returning and resuming the argument. As the pair begin accusing one another of physical assault, the commuter in glasses steps in and says, “Enough is enough. Don’t say anything else,” before the video abruptly ends.

Posted by Philip Meow Eng Toon on Wednesday, 21 February 2018