Huge python at Bukit Batok wet market


Obbana Rajah

A huge python was seen on the roof of the Bukit Batok wet market this morning.

It was seen to be slithering at the corner of the roof. It’s kill, a rat lay at the bottom, near a drain.

In the time that it was there, a huge crowd had already gathered and everyone was using their mobile phones to take videos.

ACRES was called over to the scene this morning. They created a hole in the false ceiling of the shophouse, and an ACRES spokesperson said that the snake was not in view.

They advised that the snake would have slithered away as pythons are generally shy, non-venomous creatures, whose diet consists of small mammals, rats and birds. Since the snake was not removed from the premises, it is likely that it would have slithered away.



  1. This is due to deforestation around the vicinity which resulted the animal has to come out for food and space. On the one hand they claimed to preserve the forest and on the other hand they are cutting trees to build more flats.

  2. Bt Batok residents better not go out at dark, you may not seen silent danger lurking in the grasses or longkangs or … be careful, stay safe.

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