How can a petition be put up by Singaporeans?


I refer to theonlinecitizen’s facebook posting (Jan 18) – “Update: Police has informed TOC that the signing event at the various locations is illegal under the Public Order Act. Therefore, no one will be there waiting for signing. However, if anyone is keen, write in to us in email or Facebook to arrange a private meet up based on the set timing and locations to sign the petition.

Physical signing of the public petition to call for full and live telecast of Parliament sessions.

Refer to the table for the location and timing. Will post the location on Facebook for easy recognition.

For the petition, refer to this link

Members of Public still welcome to mail in their signatures, even if it is not complete (10 signatures), we can use the uncompleted forms for others to sign on.”

As I understand that online signatures are not valid, and now signing at “a location” is not allowed – can anyone please help to advise how to get a petition going in Singapore?

This is arguably, yet another “very difficult” rule, in relation to the freedom of speech and assembly, in Singapore.

Another example – the new rules that foreigners cannot attend the protests and speeches at Speaker’s Corner (Hong Lim park).

How does one comply with this new rule – PinkDot spent more than $20,000 to barricade the park and employ security to check their nationality?

Another example, arguably was Han Hui Hui who was found guilty, and Roy Ngerng who eventually pleaded guilty,  for conducting an illegal protest at Hong Lim park in September, 2014 (CPF Protest) – even though Nparks testified in court that the online registration did not allow one to select more than one activity, such as to speak or to protest, but not both?

Uniquely Singapore!


  1. When Gov can change Singapore’s history of (people) elected Presidents just like that in front of our eyes, don’t think they will be bothered with petition to live telecast Parliament sessions which MPs didn’t even bother to attend.

  2. Clearly, this government is afraid, very very afraid of the rising criticism. Their incompetence has been exposed repeatedly…failed paper generals, broken train system, killer lifts and buckling floor tiles in HDB flats, killer personal mobility devises, botched up SG/China relations, no accountability, lack of transparency, rising costs of living etc. No wonder they are tightening the screws on citizen activists and social media.

  3. Dream on sheep. As Long as there is no conscious effort to deny them totally and I mean kick them out of parliament totally. Nothing will be solved. Until you bring to bear the prospect of them losing their millionaire jobs there will be no transparency.

  4. Putting up is one thing, would the system actually changes because of the petition is another. In a country that exercise a ruling that doesn’t need the comments and opinions from the people, whatever petition is actually useless.

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