Ho Ching’s “out of touch” outfit during visit with Mahathir irks Singaporeans


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Ching’s dress sense has drawn flak from netizens once again, with many criticising what she wore during her visit across the causeway last week to meet Malaysian leader Mahathir.

Ho Ching, who serves as chief executive of Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund Temasek, wore a blue top and a pair of pink silk pants as she accompanied the head of government to meet Mahathir and his wife. Her outfit prompted several netizens to slam her sense of style and comment that she needs a stylist as soon as possible.

Even PM Lee wasn’t spared with some netizens throwing shade about his shirt:

This isn’t the first time Ho Ching has drawn flak for her “sloppy” styling. In October last year, Ho Ching drew criticism when she was spotted wearing a pair of sandals when she accompanied her husband on his official visit to the United States of America to meet with US President Donald Trump at the White House:

Ho Ching’s sloppy sandals make an appearance during official US trip once again

In early August 2016, netizens were quick to point out the difference in dressing between former US President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama and Ho Ching, when PM Lee and his wife were invited to a state dinner at the White House:

Its a happy occasion la… No need to dress until so drab…

Posted by Siew Tuck Wah on Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Among others who criticised Ho Ching then, aesthetics doctor and Save our Street Dogs founder, Dr Siew Tuck Wah commented:

“Its a historic occasion for Singapore Prime minister Lee and wife Ho Ching to be invited to the White House. But while first lady Michelle Obama made headlines with a Naeen Khan bright yellow floral dress, Ho Ching really could have chose something, well, more cheery.”

“We need to get a stylist for her please,” he added.

Ho Ching also drew flak for her footwear when she went with PM Lee to visit now-toppled Malaysian politician Najib Razak to sign the High Speed Rail project agreement:

Netizens question Ho Ching's drab dressing at White House state dinner


  1. Dressing appropriately shows others your respect for them. Dressing like clowns in this case shows otherwise.
    This reminds me of the story about the emperor who wears no clothes where no one dares to tell the emperor of his nakedness. Are they surrounded by such sycophants.

  2. I believe those bad comments about her atrocious wardrobe is not new. Likewise for LHL. Once when citizens commented he look nice on pink shirt, I bet with you half his wardrobe is pink shirts now. Surely, they know and listened.

    So do you think they seriously want to listen to you?

  3. Empty vessels of postmodernism makes the most noise indeed over non-essentials such as perceived styles etc…while forgetting to examine the sheer ugliness of the attitude behind empty criticism…have a life, go out there and build something for the larger good, rather than spend time fussing over politicians dressing.

  4. A person who has no sense of fashion or colour coordination cannot be trusted with money as well. Looking at the number of failed investments boggles the mind that this person is allowed to continue to manage the nation’s wealth. Time for change! Hopefully at the next GE, like Malaysia.

  5. Leave the ‘poor’ lady alone. She probably has fashion image consultant(S) by the dozen but is a Strongly Independent Woman and want to do things her way. Her husband spotted a Zulu dress. How’s that for matching? LOL!! OK. Just kidding aah. Me wear char-kia and shorts better not anyhow talk-talk fashion!

  6. It’s no sin if both of them have no taste in fashion, let it be and let’s us talk about the many things that really mean something in your life as Singaporeans and as a nation and as a people instead. Come ON you bunch of morons! Or just go watch the Kadashi ian shian sa or what the f….

  7. Ho Ching is just a very simple person who lives very frugally. We should be happy that our PM and his wife are not flashy and spendthrift people.

    If she keeps on changing designer clothes and carrying branded leather bags you would say that she is like you know who across the causeway.

    It is a good thing that she does not care what people are saying otherwise she will have sleepless night.

  8. For God sake you are the PM’s Wife. You don’t have to have expensive outfits or dress like Rosmah Mansor but for Heaven sake please take some fashion advice from someone. Your fashion sense is appalling and there is no coordination in your outfits whatsoever.
    Even the late Mrs LKY did not have expensive outfits but at least she dressed well and look presentable during state functions and overseas trips. Even the late LKY had better sense of fashion than his Son.
    Frankly I shudder to describe how you look in all those outfits you wore previously.

  9. As a Singaporean, I am totally disgusted, appalled by her insanely asinine sloppiness when attending official functions both regional and international with smiley dude.

    I mean, I honestly don’t give a shit if out of habit, breeding, upbringing, bad taste etc, she chooses to wear ah soh looking outfits that look like pyjamas at home. Afterall in the privacy of your own home, u are entitled to wear the most grotesque garb that money can’t even buy! But when you choose to tag along to official events at the nation’s expense and appear like some grotesque accessory next to your spouse who unfortunately happens to be the PM of a 1st world country, it’s another matter!

    It has to be that obnoxious arrogance of knowing that no one (at least the ones who count) dares utter a word, that she continues to dress the way she does! It’s not as if she doesn’t know the flak she is drawing on social media.

    I mean isn’t it amazing that notables in the ruling regime, would choose to remain silent on this public display of some grotesque cosplay genre that is an embarrassment to the nation. And at official events at home and abroad to boot!! Surely if an MP or Minister were to appear in parliament dressed in candy stripes complete with bowler hat and Japanese slippers, he would be given a ticking off! Which only goes to show that there is no lacking of sensibilities or a good understanding of dress decorum amongst so-called ‘equals’. So why the freaking silence on this nauseating problem which truly is such a national embarrassment!

    I suppose the rich gravy train keeps you in stupor when required all the time!