Ho Ching faults Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter and other daughter-in-law for not doing ‘women’s work’


Commenting on her brother-in-law, Lee Hsien Yang’s Facebook about how she chanced upon some of the items from Lee Kuan Yew’s house (which were later loaned to National Heritage Board), Madam Ho Ching said that she was only “tidying up the house, cleaning up stuff in the basement, and organizing items, (work) which I couldn’t see Ling or Fern doing.”

Madam Ho took leave in late March 2015 after the death of her father-in-law, and extended her sabbatical until October of that year. She pointed out that Lee Hsien Yang’s wife not only not clean and tidy up the house but also went off with her husband to Japan for a break after Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral.

Madam Ho did not say if her husband or Lee Hsien Yang helped clean, tidy up and organise items in Lee Kuan Yew’s family home at 38 Oxley Road after the passing away of Singapore’s first Prime Minister. She however reminded Lee Hsien Yang that she did the same kind of ‘dogsbody work’ after his mother, Kwa Geok Choo, passed away.

Lee Hsien Yang on 22 June accused the Prime Minister’s wife, of overstepping her role and acting as a contact for the Prime Minister’s Office in lending items that belonged to Lee Kuan Yew to the National Heritage Board (NHB).

Mr Lee claimed that Madam Ho helped herself to a number of Lee Kuan Yew’s papers and said that it is “deeply troubling that someone can represent the PMO despite holding no official position.”

LKY was admitted gravely ill into the ICU on 5 February 2015. The next day, Ho Ching helped herself to a number of LKY'…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Thursday, 22 June 2017

She did not address Mr Lee’s question about what her authority is in instructing Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) staff to handle the items.

PM Lee Hsien Loong, also referred to his wife’s response to his younger brother and acknowledged that questions had been raised about her role in the loan of some of these items to NHB. He added that the loan was openly done, and for the good cause of remembering his father, soon after he died.

The Prime Minister did not address Mr Lee’s queries if the PM’s wife had any authority in instructing his staff.

Ho Ching explains how my father’s items were handled after he passed away, with my siblings kept in the loop. Questions…

Posted by Lee Hsien Loong on Friday, 23 June 2017

Mr Lee however responded to Madam Ho’s post in his Facebook and said: “Ho Ching somehow believes that acting on behalf of the “PMO” gives her license to take LKY’s personal belongings and interfere with the estate. (How does she act on behalf of PMO, despite having no official position in PMO?) Moreover, the personal items do not belong to the PMO and are not theirs to loan. This oversteps the legal rights of the PMO.”

He added: “The executors of LKY’s estate never authorized Ho Ching to remove the items she admits to removing. Informing the executors after the fact does not give her the right to intermeddle.”

Ho Ching somehow believes that acting on behalf of the "PMO" gives her license to take LKY's personal belongings and…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Friday, 23 June 2017

The following is Madam Ho Ching’s post in Lee Hsien Yang’s Facebook.

Dear Yang,

I was away from 31 January night till 7 Feb evening, when I went with Loong to Germany and Spain for his official and working visits. I was not in Singapore on 6 Feb.

In any case, there would not be any reason for me to rummage or tidy up papa’s things when he was in the hospital – that is not me nor my values.

However, you may remember that after papa’s funeral, you went off with Fern for a break in Japan or somewhere. I began tidying up the house, cleaning up stuff in the basement, and organizing items, dogsbody work as I mentioned to you before, which I couldn’t see Ling or Fern doing. This was what I had also done at papa’s request after mama’s death. Ling was in Oxley, and I had kept her posted, while trying not to intrude into her grieving.

It was in the middle of those two first weeks of April, tidying up the house after papa’s death, that I came across small interesting items which I thought were significant in papa’s life. I explained to Loong about a puzzling telegram about a Battleship arrival. Loong immediately knew its significance, and identified 4 items that he thought it would be useful to lend to NHB which was organizing an exhibition on papa’s life. These included the Battleship telegram and the John Laycock letter, which would be related to what papa did during the Postmen’s strike. I arranged to do so through the PMO, emphasizing to NHB that these items belonged to the estate and must be returned.
During that period, I had also done things like organising papa’s ties, and you confirmed that you were agreeable for NHB to come and pick what they wanted – they mostly wanted the relevant ties to match what papa wore during various historical events.

After the will was read on 12 April, I again kept both you and Ling posted on all that I had done including the 4 items loaned to NHB. In fact, I was in the basement working with the maids, when I was asked to join you and Fern, as well as Loong and Ling, for the reading of the will.

You may wish to check your email records to refresh your memory on the various updates that I had given you during those 2 weeks.

I hope that whatever you are upset about, you will have the heart to remember what papa and mama would have wanted most for the family and for Singapore.


  1. She has a sly cunning look, Only a poly grad she can be in charge of GIC. She comes from nowhere & wanted to rule Singapore like Wu Cher Tian of China. Too greed & crazy for power but pity Singapore is just a dot, She comes from nothing & will return with nothing. Heaven knows no limits of a woman mouth.

  2. Because you both were away(*who’s to know she didn’t plan to do this during this time?), and nobody can imagine Ling or Fern doing this (*slap) so I had to do it(*apparently she can suspend her brain from thinking). “And I began to tidy up the house (*as if blur to the fact that once a person is dead, the executor has every right to stop her or anyone else)….and I came across (* how convenient !) ….and we thought it useful to NHB…” (* sure! You see what you want to see!)

    The stark difference between clearing mama’ stuff and clearing papa’s stuff is that the former was done at the request of papa, the spouse/executor. Blimey! So obvious I can’t understand she can head Temasek!

    The casting of aspersions that HY is heartless is both unnecessary and accusatory.

    If a non-aristocrat like me could see it is still misappropriating, how is it that they can’t?

    Whether stealing is done by Imelda or by Cinderella, it is still stealing. Attempting to be casual about it makes it worse.

  3. In a time of grief people related by blood have no time and mood for housekeeping. Rightly Ho Ching ought to do on behalf of the siblings as she is not related by blood to LKY.

  4. Don’t bother with the complaints or counter complaints of who does the grieving and who does “dogsbody” work. In times of grief I can understand tensions are high. And if she did voluntarily help out, that’s good. What puzzles me is for Mdm HC not being able to discern her role and responsibility as regards to knowing that there’s a Will left by LKY and there are Executors and then becoming the Contact Point for the PMO on these matters? Was the NHB who decided on this? Or the PM himself that created all these conficted roles? Neither she nor LHL or NHB said anything about it so far. Who put her as contact person? Was her name there After she passed the items to NHB who then took for granted that she represents PMO (wrongly) instead of the Executors (also wrong)? And was she the poster person for Singapore Corporate Governance? If so, surely a person in roles as senior as she holds should and Must know about such things? If NHB can make so many “clerical errors”, could this be Another (even worse) error? If so, NHB should be taken to task.

    • The question has been asked why was monkey finger appointed as the contact person in pmo. Just answer the question and not sob story not house keeping. Simple question and yet pinkie, monkey finger and Lawrence Wong all super scale public servant cannot answer? The more they siam the question the more guilty they perceived to be. Welcome to the real world when you have to answer genuine questions and not those questions send in advance and script prepared for you by your perm sec. Pls answer the question.

  5. But can understand, under new grieves, no one will immediately tidy up. When my grandmother passed on, we didnt touched her things until we feel better off grieve.

  6. The middle class have maids, then the rich and powerful top class has a legion of maids, bodyguards and labourers!
    Nobody work like a cow or horse!
    Why is the dog been mentioned
    Whose dog is she referring to?
    I saw LKY young family had an Alsatian dog, but never know that that dog is still alive or whether they still have time to play with dog

  7. LKY has two maids in the house. Did she really doing the cleaning like a maid or just stand there to bark order? Doubtful the Empress Ho can work like a maid..

  8. Hey Ho Chin, We r not interested in your household chores. U can afford maidsss, u really are so hardworking? Go sort out the billions u lost in Temasek

  9. “This was what I had also done at papa’s request after mama’s death. ” neither I have read that LHY nor LWL has requested HC to do the same, and taking something not yours without asking is from my understanding is Theft

  10. Spot on.司马昭之心路人皆知. It is the innuendo in the letter tt revealed the porker card. Writer tot it’s clever but not too clever actually…

  11. Highest paid PM and highest paid maid in the world ! but seriously, they have lesser paid maids around the house, why would LSF and LWL need to do their helpers job?… all the highest paid ministars are very good at crafting politically correct statements….

  12. Even a maid know that taking what is not your out of the house is called ‘stealing’. She is a CEO and she behaved worst than the maid.

  13. Law101: Theft- the appropriation of a thing not belonging to accused with the intention of keeping it permanently. Thus for Ho’s action, it is not theft. 1. She informed the siblings ( thus intention to keep it is not there). 2. Ho, smelling something, give instructions to NHB to return it ( as revealed by LHY)
    However it might be an abuse of power, using the pmo to acquire the items.

  14. So now who’s doing the housework also wanna put up and let everyone know.. stop making it sound like a joke to the rest of the world..

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