Fu sought AGC’s advice before asking Sylvia Lim to recant and apologise


The Straits Times (ST) today reported that the Leader of the House, Grace Fu, had sought the Attorney-General Chambers’ (AGC) advice before asking Sylvia Lim to retract her statement and apologise last Tuesday.

A certain news site has however interpreted ST’s report to suggest that the “PAP government (is seeking) legal avenue against Sylvia Lim after (she failed) to apologise in ‘Test Balloons’ saga.”

Lim had said earlier that the Government had floated “trial balloons” on a possible tax hike but possibly backed down after the public noted Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s comments in 2015 that the Government has enough revenue for the next decade.

Defending her remarks as “honest suspicion,” the Aljunied GRC MP refused to apologise for her comments despite pressure from prominent PAP politicians, Law Minister K Shanmugam, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, and MCYS Minister Grace Fu.

A “disappointed” Fu put Lim on notice for failing to apologise. She added that Lim’s behaviour is indicative of the low standards of “the member and her party,” and said that her actions are “deplorable”.

Fu’s spokesperson in speaking to ST confirmed that she had consulted with AGC before asking Lim to retract on Tuesday. She however decline to say what advice the AGC gave.

Fu on Thursday cautioned Lim that she would refer the matter to Committee of Privileges if Lim repeated such “dishonest conduct”. The Committee is empowered to mete out punishments from scoldings to jail terms not extending beyond the current Parliament session. The Committee however cannot remove anyone as an MP.


  1. This dis-grace Fool which has been paid million dollars is so petty asking for apology when Miss Lim did what the aljunied voters requested. Nothing wrong with floating ballons.This under performed minister and the bunch of her yes men/women should be
    voted out in the next GE. The citizens hate to see their faces in parliament only to bully the opposition because of the majority gang. 69.9 percent pls wake up and vote them out completely. Need to change of government for our next generation sake.

    • Disgrace and shameful Grace Fu who has no standard. Slyvia Lim who represent and vote by us has the right to question any doubt in the parliament. Remove Grace Fu at the next election. Salute Slyvia for facing all the useless PAP million $ minsters bully.

  2. Our parents and grandparents accepted the roughshod treatment that was LKY’s style because he had the moral authority to go with the political one. But this gang of millionaire Muppets use the 70% mandate the way street bullies would. That is totally unacceptable!

    • The people demand a apology & withdrawal from disgracefool for wrongfully issuing the notice to Ms.SL!
      WP please arrange a protest at speaker corner for the people to be heard and prepare petition to demand for the withdrawal of the wronful notice issued to Ms. SL !!!!!

  3. This sorry is so important that not just SL but them whole of Singapore must stand behind her…or else u should know what is coming on its way…it will be a direction of no return…we will be forced to take on ALL implemented by them

    Please stand by her….is really them LAST STAND

  4. Looks like they are the only ones going around asking for apologies. Even LKY grandson was told to apologise. I mean, the fashion and manner Li Shenwu is to apologise was nicely prepared for him. He just need to agree, which he politely refused and rightly so.

  5. Oh ! So now is cbfhl unleashing cbleegaldog urh? fr*^%*^^kiing morons all in the same snake/rat nest!!!!!
    Do it do it do it sue SL till her skirt or dress drop lor !!!! albeit if white termite gang can afford to lose the political stake betted on doing so !!!

  6. United we stand, decided we fall. We must stand united against such bullying and threats. We must work to create a better future for ourselves and our children. At the rate LHL is going, he is running our country to the ground. We don’t need scholars for ministers, we need Real People for ministers. Meanwhile, if we cut the ministerial salaries by half, that would save us quite a bit!

  7. What is the point ? Ask AGC ! If you or the next PM are bullied by large countries, you better show the sense of gutsy. Here, its majority vs minority. In future, it’s large red flag vs you small red dot. Better show the people how you fight. Right now, the more you say, the more CHT say, the more Indranee say, the more people are pissed. Even those who don’t follow non mainstream media, are busy with their lives, and don’t know “what talking you ?”

  8. PAP will lose big on coming election with this type of bully harassment attitudes and behaviours! Can’t do much to improve the life of Singaporean and just know how to fix opposition! My vote will definitely go to a party who care more but certainly not People Are Poorer!

  9. Disgusted by the bullying tactics on sylvia lim. Time should be better spent on debating the gst instead of faulting genuine and valid suspicion. With singapore already one of the richest if not the richest per capita country in the world, the citizens are still naively milked for what we have. Washing toilets and clearing tables, a degrading jobs for seniors in most countries seems to be a norm here ang what our retirement could possibly look like.

  10. Never apologise WP. If SL is sent to jail, let it be big time for all Singaporeans to unite and…….enough is enough cos PAP has really pushed the button. They have not learn their lesson at all. They said that they would listen to the ground but in all it’s arrogance, they have become more arrogant. Wake up lah you 69ers

  11. If there’s any legal case to answer, i will start a fund to defend democracy in Singapore. Anyone interest to join me. This government must never be allow to stripe away all our rights including who we choose to represent us in Parliament. And if our MP cannot speak on our behalf that the election every 5 years is a joke.

  12. She need not apologise on a National Debate as it is a right and factual question raised within the perimeters of a Parliament about GST brig raised.
    PAP – loud lions yet can’t debate on a conclusion based on Citizens Monies Reserves.
    No apologies to be called for to Fu.
    It’s a open discussion to speak on behalf of S’poreans.
    Stand firm or we are done for by the G abrupt attitudes.

  13. No need to have an Opposition party if things didn’t go PAP way.
    The signs of post LKY era beginning to show
    Blame on part of citizens for arrogant support on PAP
    Where’s the forgive give n take solutions ?
    Just leave her alone . She’s got other concerns as an MP in her ward
    So the question to the citizens :
    R u still wanna vote for sometimes foolish n power abusive PAP ?

  14. All this so ministers is just a bunch school kids and in the parliament they bark a lot and loud but when coming to election they quiet down behaving like a nice guy just to win votes. I see this 5 ministers will not stand alone in the single wards because if they lost they will lost their post of ministers and the million dollars salary.

  15. The fact that dis-grace-fu chose to force SL to apologise instead of just stating why there is indeed no basis of suspicions, proves 1 thing for me; that she is absolutely incompetent and out of depth as a minister. No wonder she needs to spend 400k to hire a dustbin consultant.
    If she can be a minister, sad to say anyone can as well.
    What’s so difficult opening your mouth and asking the other party to apologise whenever there is an debate??

  16. Just like the whole budget debate is overshadowed by GST talk… Now GST talk is overshadowed by ‘balloons’? very confusing… Is there a bigger ‘secret’ they are trying to hide?? Pls don’t sue me for slander, I think aloud only.

  17. This is the PAP way. They will sue you till your pants drop. Now they have another tactic – make use of the AGC to do the dirty work.
    Such bullies! And what did Sylvia do – just voicing the concerns of the poor citizenry. Indeed they were testing the ground to see when to hike GST. If this is not the case, why did they not state so in the beginning.
    They could have said at the start of the debate the GST will not be increased this year but 2020 or 2021. Why let Sylvia bring it up and then to crucify her mercilessly by throwing in the combined weights of Shun-the-Mugam law minister, Lucky-to-be-alive finance minister the Disgrace Fu.

  18. My view is for her to takes the gloves off and counterclaim. Specfically the cabinet must apologize first for Keppel.
    They won’t jail her but they fine her so heavily that she’ll be bankrupted. Should that happen the population should crowdfund her fine and protest the bullying
    The govt needs to really siffer consequences over this

  19. Such a dis-gracefool ministress in SG and many pple are embarrassed by it. After losing a pariahment debate, she resorted to bullying tactics. No substance leh ! Collecting million$$ to act against an honourable oppo SL in such a despicable manner. Don’t ever elect such a person just becos we need to make up a nos. of female reps in pariahment. Got brain what for, but no compassion ?

  20. GF – sit back down and stop acting like a spoilt sore loser.
    It takes more courage, bravery, intelligence, wisdom and moral fiber to raise a valid query on half of the voting public – standing against you and your bunch of bullies. Stop Wasting time and tax payers money, huddling together with the organs of government, to pass judgement and bicker about whose right and whose wrong. Your “substance and lack of standards” shines through. Go play with your inflatable punching toy instead.
    Stand up when you have something constructive to say. You are not paid millions to feel disappointed and to launch personal attacks. You are paid millions to come up with ideas for the betterment of the country. …. “Indicated of the low standards ……” – pls go look in the MIRROR first.