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Food seller decides to give refund to difficult customer

Person had insisted on delivery by 4 pm and became abusive when this was not possible




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Singapore — A food seller has decided to give a refund to a customer who refused to understand that she had no control over delivery times.

Ms S wrote a public Facebook post on Tuesday (May 12) about the difficult customer.

Sharing screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation, she wrote: “Just sharing with all of you the challenges we as seller face … yes u can request but it not right to bully n use harsh word on others, especially during this holy month.”

At 3.52 pm the customer asked if their food could be delivered by 4 pm. When Ms S mentioned that delivery times were difficult to fix as the drivers delivered food to many places, the customer pushed: “I know … I stay near ur restaurant. It’s take less than 30 mins. Unless the driver deliver far location first.”

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Ms S then explained that delivery times were beyond the restaurant’s control as the drivers had to deliver to more than 100 locations. To this, the customer wrote: “As I said, can be discussed. U tell the driver la.. show ur interest on handling customer needs.”

The customer also commented that she had a “negative attitude”.

In her reply, Ms S said that they had asked delivery drivers to commit to times before but that they had said that much inconvenience had occurred because of it.

“When they can’t commit, so we don’t want to be selfish n understand their situation,” she added, asking the customer to refrain from making “unnecessary remarks/judgment” without being aware of the situation.

Ms S also immediately offered a refund to the customer.

In her Facebook post, she wrote: “We do this daily, all our decisions base on our experiences, we understand our drivers, unlike GrabFood/ Panda / Roo services where they would send ONE set to ONE address only.”

She explained that for bulk deliveries, the drivers are usually given a list of addresses and they plan their own route best.

“We have many others customers to think of, we have to be fair to everybody n do whatever best for everybody. so pls be considerate,” she said.

Those who responded to the post online agreed with Ms S and added that the customer was being unnecessarily difficult without understanding the situation faced by food sellers.



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